Does my change PS3 IP ?!

Hi I need to change because I at the play GTA V (Ps3) was banned .... now it is so I have the program Angry Ip to check ips only how can I now change the ps3 ip without a DNS problem-my PS3 ip having ..... there I always failing nähmlich.

I want no money for a new Ip spend because I think it is not necessary .... I would be very advance to your support ... Thanks in

MFG: Thomas.K

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GTA V dispelling any IP they banish a CID but only if you have a gejailbreakte PS3. Therefore, you do not have will be banned only your account for the first violation. All comments here are wrong. (There are rumors that GTA V captures the Mac address, it concerns you not)

I think you have to buy you ne new unique ID. Gibts from 20 € on facebook

The lock but not your IP, but your console. So on the ID of the console.

Restart your router, then this gets a new IP assigned (in most cases at least). You can view the IP of your PS3 change until you are blue, but that does not change your public IP, which provides the gaming server.

I was only banned for Unlock not because I've added someone hurt all excites you times from yes? I would never wish to cause someone harm!

you should definitely grab times to the head, there are also people who are not so always want to finish as you and a ..... I want to help people and not finish.

Tschuldige I'm bitchy, but:


Only want to cheat, and then ask here ...

Unban not go!

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