Does my dog ​​a behavioral disorder or is just extremely shy?

Hello community!

My dog ​​(Maltese, male, 4 years) has never other animals, let alone liked dogs. If other dogs coming towards him, he always tries to flee. Even if the other dog will sniff him only, my dog ​​will panic. If it "is too much" to him, he usually starts to growl of panic. In short, it has extreme anxiety.

Generally it is not just a self-confident or dominant dog. He is afraid of almost everything. Whether you need cables, plant or vacuum cleaner.

For this I have to tell you how we got him. The breeder lives in Slovenia, however, operates in Austria (where I live). We could not see our dog before delivery. The breeder told us he would be 10 weeks old and brought him to us. Of course, we had very knowledgeable how you do it just before At length a dog. When he got diarrhea for about a week after we get him, we went to the vet. This said to us, the dog would be up to 6-7 weeks old.

Before you give me here vorwerft many things and insulted me, I would have everything imaginable wrong when buying - Yes, I know! And I hate myself that my dog ​​has been through that. separate Approximately 5 weeks early from the mother's wrong, I know. But the breeder came before me and my family very seriously on the phone, what it is not.

Perhaps he comes from a "mass culture", which is indeed more when abroad. No matter where, I fear that my dog ​​possibly much had to go through there. And it does with infinitely sorry to have my money such breeding also supported. But you can also not be undone, and I am pleased to offer my dog ​​a good home.

But now back to the actual topic: He has always been extremely insecure and anxious. In the dog school 5-10 Dogs were left together to play at the end. That meant socialization. However, my dog ​​never added with. No matter what you did, he always hid behind me and tried before the others.

Is there possibly a trauma or a behavioral disorder? Or is it just his character?

Please give me for my mistake not down. I have learned from it.

Thanks in advance for answers. :)

Lg Nathi

The best answer

How do so now know for sure, you have to look closely before a puppy purchase the breeder and the breeding establishment. Also, one should look at the dam and the whole litter before, sometimes you also fortunate that the puppy chooses his future master. So it was at least for us. Our first German Shepherd reeling from the litter box at my husband. We then took him with 12 weeks at us, and in between visits 2 x with the breeder. This dog was anything but shy and dominated totally on my husband, he followed him at his word.

But to your dog: I suppose that there has been too little contact with people and other dogs / animals in the embossing phase, or that the dog became very sheltered. When man his puppy does not trust to assert itself among other puppies, then the fear of man can also be applied to the puppy. "If my man is funny (anxious) behaves, it's dangerous and I should not venture too much." So could a puppy understand if the human to very sheltered and vertätschelt, z. B. when puppy playing in the dog school a bit rough with each other comes the owner of the same, and "rescues" the puppy. Man has his uncertain security dog ​​give, because if he is restless, noted that even the puppy. But it may also be that he has not learned the necessary confidence in the people at the breeder (breeding ground).

Of course, the premature separation from the mother can cause a trauma to the puppies. I understand there are dogs psychotherapy. Again, it would have been helpful to look at the mother. I think: If the mother anxious and insecure, there is increased risk that their puppies are like that.

slowly and carefully, trying not pressure him to vacuum cleaners (place without turning on the room and are just as blank) and everyday things get used. But not too much at once. If he does not like other dogs, you ought to respect, enforce I would not here.

I also have a maltese (7/8 years old) :) but shyness is breed with this I think normally do not worry :)

However I where I ask my read all the way through you should go times for animal artzt: /

maybe you go to the dog trainer) directs yet everything!

apparently he was a victim of bullying within the pack.

Employees up times with the method of Linda Tellington Jones.

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