Does my dog ​​bellyache?

Hi I'm degree with my dog ​​outside because he has whined all the time, and his stomach is too hard I think he has abdominal pain and I wanted to know whether he has abdominal pain or whether it is something else, because I do not want now 1 hour walk because I'm only 13 ._. And so far he has only made Pipi: /

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I would give the dog right now nothing more to eat geben.Beobachte times, how is the dog during the day and let him rather times a day diet life: so that now does not mean that he is hungry, but he and rice if you have, turkey or chicken, if you have (of course each unseasoned) give to eat. And if you have natural yogurt, offer the dog. But not ice cold, quietly let the yogurt are some out there. Latest Monday to the vet if the dog is not better!

You're welcome??? You're 13 and now outside alone ??? This is absolutely not ok!

To your dog: I would still little wait, but if nothing happens you should go back home. For one probably it is also something else

How is your dog today?

What do you mean his stomach is difficult ??

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