Does my dog-induced disease ticks?


My dog ​​had again today a tick, which is actually nichs new. My problem now is that my dog ​​is often passed 1-2 days time, he had diarrhea also. He is also a lot more 'lazy' than usual.

I now fear that my dog ​​has a transmitted from the tick disease. My question now is: Could it be that scored any disease of those little beasts my Frodo? Maybe I should with him to the vet?

Thank you for your answers apologize in advance!

The best answer

In some parts of the risk as a disease transmission is very high. Because these non-specific symptoms show, it may be that something has been transmitted, but not necessarily.

We live in a Gegens high-risk and many ticks, dog ticks despite ribbon and spot-on every year at least 20 ticks, but so far no infection. Others caught in the single tick equal a "hit". However, symptoms may erupt even after months or years. In this respect probably only helps an investigation.

If you still have the tick you can leave the email in such a case on the veterinarian to the lab (goes with us even if the man had a), otherwise helps possibly a blood test.

The tick can already transmit diseases, such as Borriolose.

Whether the symptoms can, however, close to such diseases, you should let them decide the TA. Here to trust remote diagnostics were facilitated intimately. Although there are many specialists, the personal contact with a specialist / man is surely better. Your Schnuffi is worth. And if it was just a false alarm then you let the animal through just check and weigh and good. I probably know 60 km down in the animal hospital on Sunday because my dog ​​has spared on purpose. When we arrived there off everything and he is rumgesprungen like crazy.

Usually there is at this season no ticks.

In various countries a tick was introduced which spread Leichmaniose.

Please go to the vet - I guess now times no connection with the tick-but your dog appears to be sick.

Please verende effective tick protection, the da can warden about wearing some serious erkan effects!

Veterinarian can help.

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