Does someone recognize this dry dog ​​food?

Hi, have it transferred to feed tons and the packaging discarded. My dog ​​loves it and I can rebuy any more :-(

Would be nice if someone recognizes Thanks.

Kind regards

The best answer

if you can not get out get it: there are good grain-free dry food at Pet or the internet you can wolf blood, Acana, Orijen platinum, order.

Hello Bartheny 77

This is a compilation of different Brekkis and this saw open items already in Hela animal department and noticed as a sample pack you .If not this market have, then I would look at Fressnapf or Dehner ask .The usually have identical Produkte..Bei Pet allowed to You but also with your gourmet rein.Der takes you through his good nose exactly where the favorite food is.

Have fun.

Geh times but with this sample in the store where you bought it. Perhaps one can assign the feed. If you have bought it on the Internet, then go to Fessnapf or other transactions - there you can certainly help you.

This has always eaten my dog, I mean me to remember it that I have always bought in Pet. Just go with a sample back and ask whether that can identify the

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