Does the dog necessarily a basket?

Heyho Our dog, maltese mix, 2 1/2 years, had at the beginning as a resting place its transport box, as has not worked we bought a pillow, while he was on it when it was next to him or him the same room and quiet but was once one is running about he is behind trotting. If we were not there, or even if we have not seen it, and he has taken the pillow together packed it apart.

Then we tried it with a blanket he also packed. My parents sond now averse to even such an attempt as long as it does not remain and it is not shagging together. Now my question: Does a dog necessarily a resting place? If so how do you get the dog when he dad there should remain, if one walks around, or if even a bisschrn what's going on? How it by bringing the case he does not want it rammeln together? I once read that one should castrate him, but that will neither I nor my parents. What would be better: a plastic basket, wooden basket, a pillow or blanket?

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It is not necessary for the satisfaction of the dog needed to have a solid resting place. The assumes also like sofa bed or a strategic carpet or rugs.

For the holder, it is useful, just so you can "park" the dog sometimes.

The Gerammel can have various causes, often naturally sexually motivated because the examiner has only castrated.

Depending on how busy and brought the dog there also belongs to Übersprungs- and dominance behavior which can so react. Often it is a combination of all sorts.

The "go to the place" and stay there can be trained easiest if the dog has a neat basic obedience, then you bring him simply out sending him to the "space" and you go at first only a few steps away. After a few seconds you let him with an enable signal (ok, up, free ....) up again. he stands before you see him consistently back with a "no" again to bring.

On the pitch he will neither visit nor groped betüddelt big of you, because rest is announced.

If the dog is rather uneducated, running after you all day (which usually more control behavior than affection) and generally rather everywhere with pure jostles it will probably be a real test of patience, because the examiner has only persevere.

The important thing is just that you only very briefly practicing at first and it always freely give when the exercise is finished consistently again. Otherwise he is permanently on when he is tired and not really coming to rest.

The rest is hard work.

You can give him chewing and nibbles which he may only eat in the square. Is he wearing the away you take it from him and bring him to the part back to its place.

Honestly, I see the problem less in the dog but rather with your housing conditions. Rammelt has not always a sexual background. If you does that sound to considerable stress behavior. You say the box did not work ?! Why not what went wrong? Then he shagging blanket or pillow during your absence. He also destroys them. The problem of dog is frustrated and suffering probably due to fear of loss, he degrades with ramming. A castration brings because less! If a dog is frustrated and suffering from fear of loss that you barks along the neighborhood or destroyed next time not only the dog pillow. rammeln the problem with the governor to solve, and to think about castration. I would first rethink my attitude!

My Fox Terrier is usually where people are well. Bedding are usually ignored.

Since 3 months, he has a plastic basket with blanket inside. Still, he likes is the day usually with me at the desk or in the sun on the balcony (excluding any backing).

Evening he retires at some point in the hall to his bed back.

Hi, I would you recommend a stablen plastic basket and removable pillows and blankets;) And then I would start times with the dog training), too small to be educated and need security. The Rammeln and bite in the advanced age to suggest that he is with you either over or under-challenged. How long does it because the day alone and how many times is she Gassi and playing etc? Since he can walk behind you in the apartment that mean he only so far are tough enough as it can also view and control you, he trusts you so apparently not. And well that ye will not let him beschnibbeln thumbs :) highly because I agree with you in total, not make, it would change nothing because it does not affect the behavior)

The Rammeln may be on crack treatment or stress or just education thing. Since neutering helps only Conditionally

Körpchen during training there are various possibilities. You can bring and reward if he stays inside the Körpchen the dog. If it is set do you bring him back into Körpchen but belohnst him only when he stopped a few seconds there. he may get out you give him a command.

No. It depends on what he preferred. Some dogs like only a pillow, others only a blanket.

Not every dog ​​needs a basket. Our Retriever breaks all chains. He has a vast cushion where he can loll.

Yes, a dog needs to do a bed or would you like to lie on the floor? My dog ​​once a wooden board which is a bit increased in the living room are Da drinne is a blanket and a thick cushion and the other is in the hallway This is such a material bed as drinne are also cushions But since he always shagging .... receiving either a plastic basket or a timber but I would rather plastic and then with blanket and pillow you interpret not like it indeed lie in an uncomfortable bed and with a few treats and the clicker in bed get used to and if he tries to shagging No or halt the words she uses her for No I use just always fui and then tells her just the word eg No, pushing him away and just always ...

My has both a plastic basket with blanket and pillow in it and only a thicker Liegekissen with a blanket on which she is most often or on the carpet. If he makes the pillow broken, let off the pillow, a dog needs no Himmelbettchen ten mattresses and bedding. Wooden basket you can try, but since many dogs nibble at times also.

Plastic might be in your case, a good idea, because you can destroy much and "together rammeln": D

But a resting place is necessary!

to hump a soft cup and so he stops you must castrate him well otherwise it does not work :(

Yes, the dog needs a basket as you and I need a bed.

He must lernnen where his sleeping place is.

Of course, in the basket must also satisfied.

No, a pillow or blanket do it.

Why do you want him for not neutered?

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