Dog 1 years - is out of nowhere snappy

Hello, I have the following problem .. my dog ​​(a mongrel ... suspect Labrador Shepherd, know but not exactly) is actually a totally sociable and friendly dog ​​towards people. He is now in March became 1 year old. He's from Poland. I saw him only since August 2014. He was previously at a friends and fellow family my parents that it only had a month. He was held in the month with them strict upbringing (Whether they have beaten him I do not know. The only thing I've noticed, as he once grabbed him by the neck and Lucky has whined. He I was sorry.) More I do not know of its history. Jedenfals they could no longer keep Lucky because the owner and I got him just taken.

He would be always so much when he sees friends of ours and strangers he's quite shy but still friendly. But especially happy he does when he sees my parents or my friend's mother, he is always very excited. But since the beginning of February it behaves funny when someone comes. It would be still so much when a friend comes to visit and wants to be then always petted, but then at some point just like that, without warning, he bites under a bizarre growling to. And then he's like normal, only to then stop realizes that he has a bad conscience, because he knows he has done something that he should not make. We were lucky that no one was injured by our friends. A friend of mine was deducted to visit and there he won the 2 times that. At the 2nd times he caught my hand, because I think he thought that my girlfriend would the stroke actually. Accordingly, I am after the hospital (because that is the degree around the corner and my GP already had) and was sewn. Then we are back home. That evening my friend wanted to look after the dog, but he also tries to grab my friend. Although our dog is so crazy about him (we live just together). 2-3 weeks later, Lucky has once again reacts with him. Since it makes my friend any more. For me he has never done.

And only today we were just at my friend's mother and Lucky has mega happy to see them. He scored a treat from her, ate it, and then from one to the other seconds, he was back so snappy. But he did not hurt anyone.

Towards strangers he has something not done. I know just not what's going on with him. And the point is not that he wants to bite my friends. Or what you could do about it vllt, that it no longer makes something.

Many thanks already times in advance :) Lg Nicole

The best answer

load the dog necessarily the veterinarian to examine. often stuck behind diseases such a behavior behind ...

if that is impossible, asks a good dog trainer to help -the need warden judged on the spot why the dog reacts, and the interaction between the human and the dog is ...

let the dog investigate times from top to bottom. Such sudden changes beings often have medz..Probleme, whether Schilddrüße, tumor (known had a dog with brain tumor, which was snappy) or pain.

Should he fine a professional man should be consulted. You have to see the dog in his Attak else can you give any advice.

Perhaps he is ill. I would go with him to the vet.

First of let abchecken the animal's health.

And time is equal to dog school. For animals also are in "tenager" old and my having to maintain their place. (Flegelalter). He now thinks it "test out" how far he can go, with whom he can make it.


So if it does not go, I would call the dog Whisperer

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