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Good evening, I am looking for advice here because we are at the end slowly absolutely with the nerves. We have 2 dogs and one of them peeing on everything among themselves, after what I have read I go now assume that he does it from subjection (appeasement). He makes it to since he's puppy (he was up to 14 weeks with his mother), we always thought it is better (it was also a time) but unfortunately it is quite some time back so bad he even pees when the door opens (it does not matter how fast or slow) we did not see go out of his way and ignore it, even if he has peed. We no longer know what to do yet, we can not look at him unresponsive let alone call him immediately peed and ducked under to run way. Here, the walls, floor, clothes closets, carpets, the other dog, he himself, were we already peed. I must say that I am no longer happy because it's exhausting! About answers I am very happy :)

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Well that seems to be a rather difficult case.

Basically, it is helpful, just the dog of the lot in the apartment often pees Gassi go. To ensure that no forced Pinkel is triggered by lack Pinkel occasions. Furthermore, I would go out with the dog immediately if he has once again peed in the house. And it praise or reward with a game when he pees outside.

Thus, a conditioning of the dog can be achieved.

go out peeing in the apartment => Ready to take on a leash, not a game

Peeing outside => dog praise and reward with a treat or play.

For safety, I would still go to the vet and have it checked whether the forced Pinkel is initiated by an organic cause such as a bladder infection. In the case of the dog needs first treatment.

Arashi01 has already asked you many important questions that you need to make a small picture.

On top of that. The dog heard first-Hife-measure immediately out with you and in expert help, because his behavior has been very consolidated and trust towards people seem to fall more and more ....

An expert veterinarian focusing on the field Ethology / Behavioral Medicine, could help you - if you like because. The other alternative would be shelter. There but please honestly call this special tax base.

A very competent specialist vet from the center of Germany would Esther Schalke:


Vet because a organic? neurological? may cause trigger.

All the best!

How had he been since held previously, he always came to you. Sounds like he was totally overwhelmed. And not only the dog. He needs a retreat, perhaps a box or cave, people give him trust. However, it can be said so nix on the distance. What is it for a race, the veterinarian examined him, as is his body language? Holt you best a dog trainer / psychologist in the house, who decides on the spot and you can help further. Good luck and good nerves.

PS Against the smell helps vinegar.

Be sure to consult a veterinarian! It may be that the dog physically not well. If this is cleared, a Phsychologen, therapist or a trusted dog school the only positive is working to help pull. The dog always lives in panic and desperately needs help !!!! Allow the urine is only a symptom but not the real problem.

Either out of fear, or what is quite normal, he Bookmarked its territory

What says your veterinarian for this condition?

If the dog is organically healthy?

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