Dog :): 9

Hello :) My family would like to soon buy a dog and I would like to ask whether the situation would be good for the dog (we would definitely a dog from the shelter have also been a few in closer range)

So to the family situation I'll do well in school clearly go once a week to ride and am willing morning noon and night rauzugehen with the dog and otherwise most take care of it

My mother works part-time from 8-12

My father is currently in Spain but comes again in June

(And yes my parents agree)

My first brother is just looking for a place of study and lives about until summer with us)

(My brother is 2 is already working and no longer lives with us)

Why do we want a dog: A year ago, our cat has died and we just miss the joy that brings a pet to life and I personally just want to still have a job next to the school to me is fun .Ausserdem I do not play sports for a year more ale Hobby operated and miss it very much.

As we imagine the daily routine after the dog is acclimated

6:00 getting ready to make and first round Gassi 7:30 I go to school 8:00 my mother goes to work 12:00 Lunch 15:00 Walk Afternoon Walk 17:00 21:00 Abendspaziergang short round before bedtime

The dog would be a maximum of 4 hours after acclimatization alone

Life: living in a big house with garden opposite my school (so I can during the breaks time after dog movies) after 2 min walk is one directly in a walking forest also there is a nature reserve nearby and a park and Landesgartenschaugelände are it also in the city

Since it is our first dog we will visit the dog school

want If I made my final exams and accepted the dog can not take the dog comes to my parents to Spain because my parents when I'm done with the Abi move to Spain where our family has a beautiful Finca :)

I look forward to your responses and I promise everything is not lying: D

The best answer

So I think, you sound very knowledgeable and I think you can give a good home to a dog. Your conditions (Famlilie, house with garden, ..) look very good for me. Do but please be aware that a dog is not a new hobby. Because the dog is not always going super great. The needs perhaps even peace, vl is. Gets sick and needs to the vet (costs) to withstand ev. Not good with other dogs or family members. All this, of course you take into account when one loves his new best friend and companion. There is something in which you have to work almost every dog. And that's just as well. A new dog is like a child. You have to educate and love him. But as I read you the yes before eh. When a dog from a shelter, always make sure that it is equal to one druchgecheckt the veterinarian (worms, vaccinations, etc.), and that it even before you bring him home, you and your family (as far as possible) learns , So go yet before the adoption walk with him etc.

Overall, I think you're ready for a dog. :)

This all sounds great! Unless ONLY after a familiarization four hours alone NOGO!

A puppy not at the first 5-6 months, after which she will be taught in small steps. And an acclimatization takes in puppies or grown dogs 2-4 weeks. At the time the dog gets used to his new environment. Learning just to trust you, and then he is four hours alone. Such things can quickly lead to frustration, where the dog you either the neighborhood barking together or you destroyed the interior.

Should a dog from the animal welfare or you seek you an adult dog. Often declared that alone can be the dog for some time. This has nothing to mean he can with his new family as well. Take more time for the dog to him being alone in match. Not only 2-4 weeks.

Just as an example I got my as puppies, have alone starting with 5.5 months to practice, now it is at 14 months and we are without problems for 4 hours a. He's asleep in the time and moves from time to time to drink or to switch the deck chair (habs times ever filmed again). Just to see if he really to cope with it.

Otherwise, the dog would certainly have it good. As a beginner, I advise you to seek a non-violent dog school. Likewise, you create books about puppies, housebreaking, bite impediment, education, healthy diet.

What should it be schelcht? If the dog is not a puppy does not even have so often go with him walk you. We go with our morning gg gg 8 and evening 7 or he comes in between times in the garden and peeing because here and there.

So I would apply as a dog me with you :-)

Are you allowed to walk from the school home anyway? With us it was then banned the school grounds to leave.

How long have you planned to settle down? It can mind. Take 3 weeks to one can begin to leave the dog alone and not every shelter dog may already.

A dog is something completely different than a cat. And go your idea of ​​Gassi very little.

Oh how friendly you are ready to go 3 times a day out). You have min. 3 times out and for min2Std, because there is no ready or I could. , He always has to get out, no matter if you're sick, it pours out in buckets or it is cold. It can happen that you have to at night and out. It is great if you your dog at night twice awake makes because he has diarrhea and you have to get out in the morning.

What if you're training? Then what about the dog?

and if your parents live on the finca they do not work?

I she only that such narrow zeitplaene never rich - our tierehim yet animals repeatedly because just jugednliche to life for "their" dogs were not there.

the tendon in the school break times shortly after the dogs, is vericherungstechnisch not allowed!

How old are you? During the breaks home you can forget, for as the insurance does not play with! What would fit with you, is a dog that just needs a good and loving care. It sounds very much mess, and there is one if I have only one dog out of it were "independent living"

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