Dog a friend scratched my couch / pays the insurance?

Hello! Recently I had a visit from my cousin. She brought a girlfriend and dog. The dog has it scratched my couch. I know that dog owners might provide insurance for such cases have but I hardly know the lady (had no contact from her) I thought that it therefore is much easier to report the damage to my own insurance (liability or household) to the to have it repaired. Is that possible?

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What a strange dog to search on a couch?

Do you continue writing, then called insurance fraud and is punishable.

Moreover, this will pay neither your Privathafpflicht (principle foreign damage) nor your insurance.

Or would you write about, my dog ​​played with the lighter and thus set the couch on fire?

Why should his insurance for the damage to pay someone else did? Tell the lady communication that their dog has made your bed broken and their insurance will pay then.

Your own insurance will thank.

Household insurance covers damage due to burglary, fire, water and storm. That does not fit all.

Your own liability only covers damage that you caused to third parties.

Since your cousin has brought this visit with the house, you can only to them shall your requirement. You can take then yes. Otherwise you stay on the sitting harm

That will not pay your insurance. Why should they?

The Major is responsible for regulating the Schade. Either she has a pet owner liability insurance ...

(Wikipedia commented: "The issue of duty to pet owners liability will decide at the country level so there is a basic requirement in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Lower Saxony and Thuringia in North Rhine-Westphalia, a requirement exists only if the dog a height of at least 40.. should have cm exceeded. [5] in states such as Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate an undertaking only when an abnormality of the dog has been certified. in Saxony-Anhalt and Schleswig-Holstein forced done for insurance coverage by race list. the only exception is the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where no compulsory insurance ")

... Or she pays it up yourself!

No, your insurance is not designed to damage from foreign dogs. You have to run through the insurance of the dog owner.

What makes you think that your own liability would settle the claim? Your liability regulated then, when you inflict damage to a third party. Even your household will reject a regulation rightly. It is a wrongdoer exist and have even been known to turn to you have to you. If the dog keeper has concluded a dog liability insurance, this will take over the regulation, if not, they will probably have to replace the damage with their private money.

No, your insurance will not pay. Why should they?

Attempts to establish contact about your cousin and friend to the then cleared of their insurance.

It really is not a bad thing and for that there are also insurance. I do not understand why some there always have such a fear.

Your own liability pays not because YOU have not caused to third parties damage, but was caused to you.

The household does not pay, because a scratching dog is not a peril insured against.

For damage of the pet but must pay after BGB the dog owner and he sure does not have any animal holding liability, he pays the clutter just themselves. Let give you the address of the friend and ask there to damages.

Bring the address of the friend of your cousin in experience and then you write good of the damage. With great luck you stay sitting on it, because there are to bring neither insurance nor about them directly what.

But you have to try it.

No, the well-known need for the advent hurt if they are not insured that's their pitch, then they have to pay for it from his own pocket.

You could just ask your cousin and your no insurance that will probably not pay

Clearly, NO.

This pays only for farmers liability of the dog keeper.

None of your own insurance will pay for something. You have the dog indeed aware in your apartment left. Since even the dog keeper must pay for.

my liability would pay because I have insured the guard foreign dogs. So there is insurance covering damage these. I pay for my family insurance also only 76, - in the year incl failure cover..

No, the damage will pay only the liability of the dog keeper. Actually it would have been, of course, you turn this offer on the same day after the event.

No, so does your insurance to do nothing.

Your insurance will not pay for the damage when another comes up for it. You know you sure the name of the visit or ask your cousin who will know the name, yes.

No. Your coming for not.

in Germany is but the dog liability m. E. nationwide now mandatory, right?

then your have ask superfluous .....

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