Dog affliction?

Hello, we sometimes care dogs because my sister gets no own dog (or our family) whenever the dog after 4-5 days we are away, she cries greatly because she misses the dogs? Jmd eventuel similar experience and can give me tips? lg

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Hello Dottybird,

Your sister is crying because she is sad that the dogs are gone again. How old is she? If you would like to record on duration not have a dog in the family / can, you have ever heard about another pet thought that would come into question?

Another way to take account of the dogs love your sister, would be: to be a walk-goers at the shelter. Depending on how old she is, she could independently but together with someone from your family or. The shelter staff are always happy to have volunteers generally. Would that perhaps something for them?

they could carry dogs from the neighborhood. Just ask around .....

If your sister suffers so, then I ask myself why you take care then dogs on and why you will not get. There are plenty of animals at the shelter that need a new home.

Thanks for the replies, I had something wrong thus verstdanden us is the question also answer no longer lg

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