Dog afraid of water-needs Flohbad

Have now since yesterday NEN Pflegehund from Croatia, which unfortunately large afraid of the water has. Should it actually times "escaped", but to the bathing is not to think. Unfortunately, I also doubt that he would be particularly enthusiastic about a flea spray. Although I am aware that the dog first must get right, but as a Ungezieferbad / spray must be already and soon. And on top of that he stinks even when former killing dog. Even sprinkle with a little water is already very bad for him. The only advantage: If it rains, I do not get out. Do you think I can wait until next week to get himself better acclimated? The little penetrating odor is not so dramatic, but it scratches but quite often what may indicate vermin like fleas ...

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Do you think I can wait until next week to get himself better acclimated?

You should directly do something against the fleas, the dog agonizes yes otherwise unnecessarily rum!

You should anyway better go immediately to the vet and let examine him if he is healthy.

Against fleas, there are many resources that can be applied without bathroom. Powders, or tablets, z. B. "Program"

Additionally, however, must also simultaneously the apartment and all blankets, etc. are also treated with ambient spray!

So my dog ​​also afraid of water so I asked him in a bathtub and doused with water because it does not have to be alone because the dog will try to gkiehen by this Solte you but so beautiful to hold x)

hallödl! ask for caution when fled bands that can go into the eye. because there are drops which one neck massaged and then gie also flee away from this. but familiarization period he needs in any case! which breed is the dog? if I know the race I can help concrete glg

would also like vaviras proceed to put in the bath when using pure, gentle lather and rinse again. a spot-on was with the fleas the best solution.

Please just let examine whether he ever has fleas from TA.

The scratching can have other causes. This includes in this situation also stress Conditional scratching.

It may also come from the bad food that he scored. Or it could be mites or fungus.

So even let the doctor check on fungi, mites and fleas. If the finding is negative, feed quality forage and let him arrive.

This should be covered primarily everything it could be normally.

I would not have a dog escaped or worming without evidence of an actual attack. This whole chemistry burden organism (who has just already busy) even more.

Go to the vet, who will give you a Spoton product, so the fleas or what he has to go away and you do not have him bathe.

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