Dog (age 2 years) has ridiculous rag behind the ears

Hello you,

I added the same images, so that you know is what thing :)

Our dog has certainly already hanging for a year behind the ears each a "lobules" that one would prefer not to remove. It looks as if they belong to him. And it is also hard to say whether there are nervous, because he has the same reaction when I went with my fingernails over it and over elsewhere also.

Have you an idea whether this can be what, what you have to worry about?

Thank you in advance

The best answer

That's matted fur. You should thoroughly brush behind the ears every 2 days. That something does not happen, I do not do this regularly in my aussie boy. Longest was by 6 days, then he had already knubbel behind the ears.

if that may be what, what you have to worry about?

this is just a bump matted fur, something arises in not insufficient grooming. Simply cut, to comb out it's too thick. Dog regularly thoroughly comb, especially behind the ears, because there the fur is finer and felted very quickly.

That's matted fur. Apart frequently in animals from the animal welfare .... cut and brush regularly.

You were certainly a few times including veterinarian, vaccinations and so on. What did he say?

This looks to me strongly of entanglement from .. If there really are simply hair simply carefully cut .. But it is also full of great I'd previously times to go TA precaution .. Because that would be a gross felting Oo

What did the vet say?

What did the TA that?

@ Black Pink Pink

And it is also hard to say whether there are nervous, because he has the same reaction when I went with my fingernails over it and over elsewhere also

Sorry, you came in the year ever on the idea of ​​going to the vet once and let the watch ?.

I Nocht not seen anything.

I would be glad if someone can explain here ...

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