Dog aggressive and anxious after castration

Hi everyone, My Rottweiler / Bulldog mix was castrated last year on 12.22.2014. In itself, it is rather a shy and timid dog. After castration he was men against aggressive, I guess that it comes the the veterinarian who has castrated him was a man. That had placed with the times and it got better from day to day. Since about 1 week I can not receive more visit since he barks at people like a crazed and forever with his tail runs about someone since he does not know. I sets based his aggressiveness on his fear, because otherwise it's like saying rather a shy fellow. My little is now almost 1.5 years old.

Can this be the Hormoneinpendelung which occurs after 2-3 months? Can similar him with herbal preparations calm? I will today hold afternoon and consultation with my vet.

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oh dear.

Aggressive dogs are usually anxious dog - what can be seen well also in the retracted rod.

Castration may increase the anxiety - especially if castration is done before adulthood. With 1.5 years, he has not grown up yet. You should not have kastieren him. War - honestly - a rießiger mistake to make it now. But now the child has unfortunately fallen into the well.

I read below why he was castrated. Had no reason for me, to the Agraoverhalten between the brothers can work and as for an un-neutered dog - even walking. But honestly - seeking out a good veterinarian. A veterinarian who claims that 1 year Kastra was okay - even very late - has no idea.

Now to the problem:

I would advise you to look for a very good dog trainer, who's good with anxious dogs.

You can support him with Bach Flower also consider evtuell. Moreover, you should be a THP. There is also homoöpatische funds to support, but most important is now a very good dog trainer and I do not mean a dog school where you do an hour by 10 other dogs, but a coach who targeted to your dog, on the relationship between you and your dog and responds to the problem.

Good luck and success.

Hello Lysinia,

Well good information for castration is too late!

Hormones are produced in the testicles, not only for reproduction but also the opponent of stress hormones. It is now pointless about to let on.

For fear dogs life can become a hell because anxiety with age often increases. Please, your dog's sake, get you and your dog the help of an experienced and acting without rank reduction Dogs skilled people.

Please notify you here, call there and let you call a candidate skilled people, which you can give real-spot assistance.

In an already uncertain and anxious animal may castration reinforce the behavior or lead to Anstagressionen .... wast you not informed of the potential changes in behavior? Find yourself a good dog trainer who works with you (Gewahltfrei!) Medicine: now you can do something that one has cut not sew easy again when you realize that it was a mistake.

I could imagine that it's good to talk time with a good coach / In it. Your dog apparently to be traumatized and can also be dangerous to it.

WHY have you neutered very young males? Was there already abnormalities except the timidity and shyness?

The dog does not know that a man has been the surgeon ... The forget sometimes quite quickly.

Only the dog was scared, then aggressive, then that was better and now the dog mutates to fear Beller ... But you get a very large construction site ...

You should urgently with the dog in a nonviolent !!! Sign working dog school and possibly book single lessons. But they ought not every dog ​​school - please talk other dog owners and ask where they went / or go ...

The conversation with the vet can also bring a lot when the vet is interested in a single destiny of a dog ... Any soothing Medis are quickly charged into each dog - but not combat the causes of such striking behavior of the dog.

First Change please the TA. He has no idea. Dogs neutered you if I have to because when they grow up. castrate a timid dog is and stupid because thereby they / are fears insecurities worse.

just because Nachbarffiffy is not kastrier you let your neutered? total bullshit ..

Please get yourself a dog school.

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