Dog aggressive and foaming at the mouth

Hey guys. I'll try it now then another. My boyfriend and I have 2 dogs. (Both females) Our large is scarce 4 years and the small 4 months. So far, there were no problems. Both are super even if they have very different characters. Are some time, it is so that our great when I downloaded send me growling and snapping at me want where. This makes them well only with me. When we are outside, she lowers her head and strange dogs against aggressive. That was this morning so far as they went after 2 dogs and did not even listen to commands. She had gone for cover after the attack foam at the mouth and is. Even if dog walking on the other side streets she starts barking and going crazy on a leash.

At first we thought that it is because of our small. In order to protect them. But that we exclude so slow. Maybe someone can help one of you here. Would be really grateful.

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Rabies, I do not think so. When the dog is excited, he also developed foaming at the mouth. If my not catch the raven because he sits on the tree it is down and barks like crazy. Because even moderately foaming at the mouth as if she had rabies forms;) So do not worry. If pure Erziehungssache be with you. Best pull a trainer to rate.

You could indeed times a veterinarian should be consulted if there might be something medical. Perhaps it is also due to a breach of trust to the dog wargenommen and you do not. You can then go to the animal psychologists sometimes. The Centre will assist you in any case.

You already know that the reason why the dog is so. The neighbor's dog has both attacked, but could you protect a dog. Clear that it towards you now is also quite uncertain, and from the Beißerei she has of course learned that attack is the best defense. Get your time and you'll take care of something intense about it, so that your bond is strengthened again. The more a dog is attacked by an other, the deeper will this conduct impress the dog. You can just stop trying to go out of the way these situations.

So what the others write with rabies do not believe this to be true because dogs barking at and so also drooling times and drool looks like foam, I know from my dog ​​also.

Has anything happened in recent times that the dog may have been bitten by what or so?

with such strong changes of behavior, should always be made first a vet visit - maybe your dog has pain or infection!

if your dog is vaccinated against rabies - Besht no rabies danger .........

No rabies is not.

The vet said it could be the switch. But that will put the.

And that can make them more because nix.

Possibly rabies immediately to vet

Does it reflect the TA before. I would close out pain.

Your first way to go to the vet, your second way to Hundeschule

Maybe because she feels that she is no longer the number 1 but the number two because of the small dog and wants attention.

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