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Hello, I have a 7 year old German shepherd. My problem is, that's totally aggressive it towards other dogs. I have 2 little Maltese, but which are not a problem. He has never been bitten until he was about 3, I was with him at a dog park. I can, however, unfortunately totally forgotten. It does not matter whether it is a dog, a bitch or a puppy. He is really angry and the crest arises from front to back on, no matter if I have the other two it or not. It does not matter who goes with him for a walk. I'd see him so like to play with other dogs again. Have already tried a lot like dog trainers and stuff. Have you perhaps an idea what I could do, that would be very nice. LG Cathy

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I know the life story of your dog not - but I myself also had German Shepherds. The breed often shows protective behavior and Territorial and German Shepherds often have a strong "need" to clarified hierarchies. Not all German Shepherds play into adulthood with other dogs. A bitch I heard so almost abruptly at the age of 3 years and has no need for playing with other dogs, but, if you played with me. Other dogs at home or especially in the area of ​​"Gassi Round" she felt, especially if there were females, as superfluous, on contact she had always tried to subjugate it, which I tied. The most comfortable, what they showed on its own, was to ignore the other dog.

Maltese are another "variety dog".

Maybe your Shepherd has just not "play instinct" with other dogs, even though would you wish from your perspective as a human being so.

You will the essence of your dog can not change through training. If you want him to play, but the dog it has no interest, then it will not work and you are doing the dog any favors. You can also do not educate something so not your thing. But maybe you're the dog joy when you yourself play with him or occupy yourself, so find something you both like doing.

Hey, he is neutered? It could well be (also) be due. Otherwise it could be that your dog has too much energy and not "busy" is. I would suggest that you advance a long walk, where you eg search and play "games" where your dog can auspowern plays with him. Then when you meet other dogs he is exhausted and has less desire and strength then getting into an argument. I also think the proposal that someone has already written down in front of me well. Undzwar it is the proposal, where you can go your dog not continue until he has calmed down. End the day with a good end. I'm not a professional dog, so my "tips" of course not have to work or my ideas / suggestions, but try costs nothing. Good luck :)

My mix dog had also times but not too bad and only on a leash .......... So a linen aggression ...... I've weaned her where she seated had to do and will again up could when she was quiet then we walked on and if the other owner had no problem we went to the other dog ....... now it works quite well except sometimes a bit barking but the Disturbing Behavior out :) ........ luck yet: D

It is a fact that dogs are old and sick and they can also degenerative diseases of the brain get (z. B. Alzheimer) and then (as well as those with Alzheimer's) are unpredictable and ultimately dangerous to others. The dog of my great aunt, which is also a shepherd, played always very fond of the children of the house and the neighborhood children until he was old when he was suddenly vicious and dangerous. One has then euthanized him because you do not want him at serious risk someone else. Nowadays you waiting there probably until the dog has bitten a child, because the life of the dog seems more important than that of humans. You should nciht longer hold as much in the public and then only on a short, sturdy canvas with him. As you also know about the danger of your dog, you expect great damages if he threatened someone. Ask times after at your insurance.

Mostly it is because. The dog has a protector instingt and try yourself / protect you against other risks (in the case of other dogs). This can be the dog, but fortunately also lasts wean only a little

Since when he shows the behavior?

What does the fall of Trainier? Does he also uncertainty or why?

What are you doing when he gets angry? What are the signs to be angry? Only with comb points? As is the rest of the body language?

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