dog almost 7 months and not yet housebroken

already mentioned above Hello my dog ​​is still not housebroken. He is nearly 7 months. During the day he logs on or gets restless imagines the door everything was great. If I am to go 08 he must go well again until about 13 o'clock. But at night it did not work! Every night he makes the bedroom aufn ground: '(since it does not hold 5 std out is when I go by 23 clock with him for about 03/04 pm hmm what is the reason that he is at night does not answer and does not withstand n heap there can?

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War in our too. Late at night we let him out, and early in the morning, then it stops the night. It is important, much praise is! Every time after he has taken out his business or has peed. We praise our fixed exaggerated. Now comes only rarely before :-)

Where sleeping young dog? With 7 months Your dog is not a puppy anymore. I think it's very important that young dogs are allowed to sleep near their people. You're over the pack. And a pack remains at night together also. To do otherwise would unsettle both a Welpan and a young dog very strong and make him anxiety and stress.

When you get because the letze meal? And what does he get? TF has a digestion period about 12 hours. NF and Barf ca.4-6 hours.

vera edere please your fuetterungszeiten - so einafets gave you genaus written the digestive times ...

It is easiest if you have at night on the toilet, let the dog out quickly. Then he no longer happen.

I would also to about 16 am, feeding the last time.

You can train with the dog crate that. Dogs do not in their own sleeping place. Mach late at night to Cennel to her and let it out until just before you go out in the morning with him. Is a great thing and works just fine. If done in a week.

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