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How to Staff engined a dog when he is alone

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That's in dogs always relatively difficult, because they are after all social animals, but maybe you'll find the occasional tip:

I wish you success!

The dog has been dealing even if he is alone. Therefore, buy a lot of toys and chew bones and closing cabinets well, otherwise you have evening possibly chewed laundering. I once knew a dog, as always had to be the bathroom door, otherwise he has all the towels cleared and scattered in the apartment and unfortunately bitten. All shoes put away !! lg Lilo

Chewing bones are actually best or pigs ears. Comes also depends on what a dog you have. For our labrador's was just a small snack and our current dog, it's a big job to eat the items mentioned above;)

If you're long gone give him a bone and andonsten he does what he wants. He will learn time to be alone even if he makes time unirdnung

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