Dog always flying out of bed

Hello, I am there again. My dog ​​always sleeps in my bed and at some point it turns and flies out. Although my bed 2m x 2m. Have fear that they violated times. She has now fallen in the last three days about 7 times out. Did you like I can avoid that advice? LG hope you can help me :)

The best answer

Either you buy her a basket they get used to sleep in front of your bed but stop in the soft bag or you may observe that it is on the side where the wall is and they do not fall down can if your bed is on the wall. .. LG

What do you want to make as great if the dog is too stupid to lie more pure. My dog ​​is like already few times down, since she is always on the wall.

Otherwise, they should kip on the floor stop, if they do not get it on the series to stay in bed.

You can also buy Abperrung you, of course, there are also for children.

My Chihuahua must go to bed, but he has in the middle. Since his place. Again and again sent there, and today this is normal.

This unnatural creatures is not trained to sleep in the crib. In a few years there for this purpose, however, determined already a 'race'.

Very easily!

Let her sleep before your bed, how would it be?

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