Dog always goes in dispute going on at me ...


I have a Jack Russell Terrier and whenever me and someone from the family is controversy between, he goes after me. Earlier as I have quarreled with my brother because he has once again taken something from me and because the dog has become equal to aggressive and wanted to bite me. This is not the first time, since it's on me going even when armed with my mother.

What am I doing wrong? Why he always goes ONLY rid of me? Why is he even aggressive?

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You stand for Him in the ranking of the pack significantly below him. He wants to regulate mass you as would be customary in a pack. You should you even turn to a dog school. But it would be enough to change a few things in everyday life ...

What do your parents do, when he does that? Something is not. He thinks he has to settle disputes, a task for which he has not grown. There's only a dog trainer.

The dog will know what he does ;-)

He you simply do not like and thinks that he has to protect his family in front of you.

Because he wants to protect the family and you, he looks at the moment as a threat

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