Dog and cat stress.!

I got a dog today. Unzwar I have 2 cats and the two zoffen itself. Felix, my cat has attacked Capri (dog). Ih'm really afraid that it will be worse. Ask for help!

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Time - time and again time - patience and a raised seat for the cats then does that already.

My cat must also actually used were adding a dog (he knows dog) My dog ​​had now already suffered a few small bats - the hangover educates the dog quite outstanding. My dog ​​is also respectful towards the cat and after 2 weeks it is now clarified to the extent that both about 1 m can be from each other and they may even pass relatively close to each other.

Whether it once a friendship is (as the first dog) can not tell you. Some friendship will come of it, some Akzepieren only and not interact with each other, while others ignore, and for some it works actually never.

But after a day you known to say nothing - the cats usually need up some longer than the dog. My experience is that it almost always works when a person holds out and the animals can clarify that. (Of course, one has to intervening when the cat is driving too hard) I would get used only one cat at the time of the dog.

Dogs and cats speak another (body) language and so you have to teach that it is not approaching the cat, but the cat can get to be the first time your dog. This requires of you a lot of patience and empathy and understanding for dog and cat. , At least as long as all are in the house Get information about the education of dogs again exactly on the Internet and avoid just that your cat approaching the dog. Always make that your cats have hiding places where the dog leaves her alone. Your Cat You can also teach that the dog belongs to the family by Du him. In the presence of cats but always stroking together and cats are representing that this is a fine dog Cats can be very jealous, so you should also make sure that you feel towards the dog not to penalize your two cats.

I think if you like detail will inform, with the dog visit a dog school and patience and understanding for all your animals aufbringst, will you hinbekommen with time, at least so far that accept cats and dog.

Felix, my cat has attacked Capri (dog).

did you expect something else?

The dogs and cats get along well with each other is not, but it is widely known!

The animals now have enormous stress and you should change quickly.

Here you can read how they can be used to each other.

http: // a = 1 & t = 0 & y = 3001 & r = 0 & n = 246 & c = 25 & amp ...?

If it does not work as expected, you must separate the animals again, proposed either dog or cat!

Dog + cat almost always produce stress. Would it have to change your mind better ... Of course you can try both or get used all three together, but can also fail. If it does not improve, you should probably give off dog or cat ...

You know, I have a feeling that it is better for you, and for the animals even if you leaves all educational and familiarization technical measures your parents ...

Who has to answer it, you've just got to get the cat a dog should also ensure that come back calm and peace within your family.

How are we can help you with user GF?

This will need time. Please ensure that everyone has his retreat sorg.

as has since the first Meet taken place?

For me it has good 3 months to be cats and dogs were taken reasonably green.

Why have you brought you a dog that?

Attempts to accustom the animals to each other, then it can work. Thoughtless it was already right?

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