Dog and children or certain people


I wanted to ask what you can do if the dog is aggressive to children (partially) or visitors who do not like them apparently.

My 1 year aussi bitch. constantly barks at our neighbors or friends of the family and has recently even snapped. exactly the same in children. That's how I tagesabhägig with her.

I they. In children now on a leash When going Alley makes otherwise no move in adults.

I thought that I probably. that makes it only on the farm but it makes it more likely in certain people than that they want to guard the yard.

The best answer

To me this sounds so that the dog was in this respect not well socialized. You say you always leinst to children coming? That's right ... if the dog reacts to this comic. How did you get the dog to be the children of the you've done coined bzw.ran? So when were you doing nothing in this regard. no wonder that. Dogs often connect leash with a fun brake. So now you take the child was, you call the dog he is on leash. Something can interpret / connect quickly with negative or frustration a dog. anleinen = negative = Child / negative. Then the visitors, your dog is very insecure. Was it always so she barks at visitors? How do you react because in such a situation, what are you doing with the dog barks when friends or acquaintances?

Then go necessarily with her to the dog trainer before even an accident happens!

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