Dog and his mother

Hello I wanted to ask what happens if you buy a dog as a puppy and he sees his mother again for 5 years later?

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So I had the experience, but that the puppies have recognized me not her mother.

Even my dog ​​recognizes his siblings not exactly any more than my bitch.

Nothing. So our dogs had to meet again at her with the parents no enlightenment.

I can you say the following of our dogs we have bought in breeders: dogs recognize each other - but not so as that they knew they come from a family with father, mother and siblings ... but just the way that they recognize : oh, here I have been times ... that was quite nice ... and here are still other dogs and we can romp around and play ... even the water bowls are found immediately ...

From our shelter dogs I can tell you: the know, when we go to the annual meeting that they are Been ... - and then there are now no "family relationship" ...

The loosen up - so no big reunions!

well then drink a together :-) what happens then? nothing....

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