Dog and horse match?

Hello! This question goes to all Hundebesis their Wauzis to take into the barn :) I had my bitch Nami (Rhodesian Ridgeback 1.5 years old) with us. The horses are a threesome, Haflinger, every 8 years old. They came to take with my RB, as the gelding the group came up to them. She then made a set back, and the thickness wanted to play. Is it then trotted behind his ears pricked and they zag, through under the fence. He wanted her really nothing bad, you could see that.

However, it has now somewhat scared when you get a horse too close, so they always stay with me, but if the mare comes and wants to sniff at her, she dodges. So my RB (a mare) was very curious and very very loving. They always wanted anschnuffeln or nudge, it is even very careful. My dog ​​dodges. We then together rumgeblödelt something, so at first I ran with the dog in front of the horse, then next to him and then behind. When that was not a problem I have all abgeleint. The mare looked further contact. Later I worked with treats, once horse, then dog, and so they came closer. Also trotting after me both, the dog leg, the horse behind. At the end were both very relaxed, now my question:

How do I manage to bring two to stand side by side? Later on I will indeed take on the horse, and they must also come when I call. Am I to fast? Should I just wait? How did you do that? I fande the day actually quite successful, as both were relaxed at the end. How to continue?

I'll take them further into the stable, so that they can learn the presence of the horses and all used to it :)

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I have my two. Also with the horse and take them with rides on My horses have learned has to look their nose at my dogs nothing (!), Who just like the dogs maintain a minimum distance that must be maintained only at the express command. If my horse head comes zugleaufen on my dog ​​deviates this also he aus.Darf also horse has finally a considerable weight and size advantage.

I have always taken my Hudn, and decide himself lassren how far he likes ran. Then I went for a walk with two and rode on the quadrangle un dhabe working from above with the dog (commands at a distance). My dog ​​is there anyway pretty painless, so it also comes ran when I call him, no matter how scary the situation, then there were a biscuit, or I have a ball thrown (should the horse naturally join). After a few repetitions, the dog has been smoothly ranrufen ans horse and jumped up on command on my leg (facilitates leashing), so we are then losgezockelt. He may, however, still adhere to its wellness distance, at the Grand which is a scarce meters, the dwarf there are about 2 - 3 m. Later I started that dogs can "lead" the horse. If horse and dog beherschen dealing sure I see no problem.

If horse and dog have a good day, there are also times a "snogging", but both the horses and the dogs have mean time learned how the other approaches polite.

The most important is that hears your dog. He should command "here" know (or "come" as appropriate), they come to you. You should command "from" know the thou can send a few meters apart and the command "stop" they should remain. Otherwise, if it gets a little scared is not bad, because then it will not cause accidents. and even if the horse is loving, she never let too close together because often neither the dog nor the horse assess everything and the dog gets from a little kick. However, if your dog listens to you, you can take them easily

So you've made it super and found for both a relaxing conclusion ..that with the anxiety your bitch normally sat by the horror My Doberman had similar experience and behaved as he just ..da partly formed finished was the Grundkomandos delivery actually almost alone ..I first the next few times would just like you've done it now so go to your bitch will consider it normal and relaxed the horse is ..then your bitch seat make beside the horse let you remain in front at the top of horse, facing dog praise when left entpannt ..the same when the look good works with space ..then the dog laterally to the horse, or next to you and remains lead the horse in at the foot position in your pace as it responds it will probably anticipation want barks and jumps up right at the back with foot summon course do not know what your bitch now already can or what not and how their obedience is otherwise they lein on the leash if it did not always work commendable if it makes it super ..then of top of so from the saddle first in state and thus keep possibly with linen mugwort right to horse wenns slowly folds few steps step beside the horse with the leash can be corrected later canvas blank path and continue to build step way you do ... If that works out to practice on the arena or hall if you can retrieve them from above first provided to expand into the terrain in your step further rb balanced both used in parallel, I would then couple do otherwise will be difficult both walkable

I would try it at first individually. I got my Boxer dog even got used to the horse with 1 1/2. And it was the first time a little scared, but not at all bad. He still holds good distance from the horse. It is important that you know the dogs a command like path or down at bring. This can be very useful in the field. When the dog sniffs iwo and you can take the horse. Then I my dog ​​even when brought he does not go into the coupling without prompting. This is always very good, if you do not have to constantly watch. Especially when crap, or if I longiere in the round pen.

Take your time;) just like you that make it sound good, important now is to maintain regular contact between horse and dog;) I think then the time :)

"However, it has now somewhat scared when you get a horse too close, so they always stay with me, but if the mare comes and wants to sniff at her, she dodges."

Sly Dog!

So, at first allowed a dog ALWAYS dodge when a horse head seeks contact!

Among dogs that is rude and even to the "tipped" ears able to handle very quickly otherwise! Please urge your dog NOT to rub shoulders with a 500kg heavy animal to go! There are areas that our dog has come to know as safe. Such as the shoulder. Nose to nose contact ... evil!

You do realize that a horse "clowns" the only quite squeak here and the front can turn out? your dog is smart no longer!

Our dog is always looking for the side of the horse to you immediately flee to a safe area if a horse head seeks contact. At the same time it runs well with the horse and also increases the shoulder up to the leash. Because this is a safe area.

You can allowed to settle on the side of the horse beside you and reward / Clickern there while brushing your dog. The dog learns. Horsehead Pooh! Horses Page great.

NO WAY! Such spielchen as freewheeling and pasture behind the other trot without knitting etc. and the dog has the free-running horses in the back. The must only once be cocky and then that's it .....

Our dog goes for abäppeln to pasture or box. But! Always keeps its distance. You looking for me immediately when a horse moves near them and I have always something to put between.

This Healthy Respect is enormously important in healthy living together between robbery UDN flight animal.

"The mare looked further contact. Later I worked with treats, once horse, then dog, and so they came closer. They also trot after me both, the dog leg, the horse behind"

"When that was no problem, I have all abgeleint."

What makes you such dangerous ideas? If you lead dog and / or horse with then is a leashed. Either the dog or even better, the horse on the rope so that the dog can soft and you control the horse.

In 20 years I and others in the family have NEVER come to the brain Chapped idea to let all race behind the other in the freewheeling. You can view the situation NULL check or hear your horses grazing on standing, sitting, space, permanent? If you oats?

And a trained guard dog your is not, and even to enjoy the horses know with caution

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