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Hey guys, I've already written about a similar topic does not hear my dog ​​and because of the leash, etc. We have meanwhile received quite well under control, but that "to forget about" other dogs just once or at least not more said to have there to drag out, it has not yet grasped. But we're working on it! :) Just today as we practiced, well came our past "almost" neighbor. Whenever she sees Sally (big) she stops with her dog (small). On the one hand I can understand it because it was ever bitten almost by a shepherd and her dog (small) would soon died because of this. But Sally (large) Bernese mountain dog, does not bite, they even play with my rabbit: D

Aufjedenfall I went where walked past the woman standing there. Sally wanted to her dog and has pulled and pulled. Since this path is not very wide would have Sally can practically touch small. But the woman thinks just always equal Sally wants to bite the little dog!

She said to me, 'Go to the field, not that she still bite!

But that was too stupid to torture me in the mud a 2m high hillside high ....

So wr are where walked past and has with her (walking) stock on Sally bashing (beaten) and shouted: "Way, way, way ......"

I was so angry! I wanted once told her thoroughly my opinion !!!! That upsets me just still full on !!! > :(

Can anyone advice, do give such situations to avoid? The Sally to / the / people / dogs simply times ignored or similar?

Lg Luluflower and Sally

The best answer

If someone hits my dog ​​... I would have something else unpacked as the walking stick! >. <

Such people are afraid that their baby is bitten. Dodge I would still never! This gives the dog a feeling that one goes away when he moves and that can understand your dog wrong. The only thing that helps here is a dog training and exercise! but temporarily can help a collar-Halti combo.

The Halti is like a halter the horse. It looks like a muzzle, only that it only comes back jaw. The dog may bark, eat, etc, as usual, the Halti does not restrict him. You're the one end of the rope to the Halti and the other to the collar. First you cast a per collar on the dog, it does not stop you take the end with the Halti. can the Halti is very violently, but draws the dog's head to you around, so that it locks itself and not run away / pull. Hear the dog again you let the Halti at rest un take back only the collar. So you have a soft and a harder action. The dog will quickly understand the soft listening to so you do not need the harder going. Nevertheless, no Halti, no collar and nothing the world can a dog school and training to replace! Do not throw back you of something, just go ahead. And if she kicks your dog again, roaring times really loud: "Listen to strike immediately on my dog!" So much so that all movies. This is the lady then quickly uncomfortable and they will make it. Nobody may beat your dog! Similarly may anyone bite your dog! Nevertheless, the woman may not know that your dog does not do anything, so it's up to you to educate him so that the suspicion can not arise in the first :)

Wish you much success!


If the woman does not want that your dog will pick up contact with her, she has the right to do so. Your dog needs to do anything, it's enough if their fear has. They beat him, of course, was not ok, but for next time, if you do not so much have the dog under control that he bothering no other animal, you need to provide another way to go around. There are different means, how to teach a dog to ignore another. Best of all, you steer him off and before he even wants the other dog. But this you have to notice in time the dog. but you can teach a walk signal or check signal. This then you are practicing in a small deflection (at home) and steigerst up slowly until it but it takes kann.Das even with the sighting of a dog a few weeks. Until then larger arcs beat.

If you're not able to keep your dog from other Far, You better be prepared you well in the mud a 2m high propensity for torturing high .. If the woman does not want the dog contact, you have to accept that.

Small dog owners can use texts as

Der tut nix
he just wants to play
he does not bite

Fill pages.

The small dog owners is constantly assumed they would not be able to educate their little barker.

The blame for this but have for the most part such ignorant dog owners like you. Such holders throw after toddlers often far back.

I know this because I have a miniature itself.

Yes, it's up to you to prevent such a thing!

Of course, the woman can not beat up your dog for no reason but you have to watch that you prevent those stressful situations.

It need not be that your dog goes if they do not want their dog, she is afraid and it is her decision that her dog from other dogs is allowed (especially when the size difference) at rest.

Unfortunately I also have a bad experience with a free-running German shepherd (of course, does nothing) made, he bit my old blind bitch bloody, just like that, out of nowhere.

The little that I have now is small and they will have nothing to do with dogs, I expect that other dog owners respect that and keep their dog from my, easily. You should not watch or play or whatever.

You have to watch that you kontollierst your dog better or you will have more problems.

And you have it admitted that the other dog keeper has embarked on your dog ???

You should show this woman!

You can with your leashed dog on public roads as well use like any other human or dog owner with his dog.

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