Dog and parquet floor?


our daughter wants so much a small dog or a cat.

But we have the whole house new parquet floor - waxed oiled!

Cats can indeed move their claws, what about the dogs? Scratching the not the parquet? Friends of ours have laminate (but sealed) and a large dog and the bottom looks already totally scratched and spent, even though he is only 4 years old!

As So what of dog and parquet?

Can someone help me?

The best answer

hune can the claws not move! So the more sensitive the soils, the more they suffer from animal husbandry ...

we have blunt-quality laminate and chipped farmhouse floorboards and two dogs ..nach 5 years was seen as was..bzw hardly. you could not tell what was human, what animal ...

generally a cat is as "soil-friendly"

Have 2 dogs and 4 cats, however, still has the original wood floorboards from front rd. 130 years that have worked and oiled before my collection. That which my animals did in 6 years just by normal movement was certainly not achieved in the many years before. And I've designed in the main motion zones carpets.

Oiled floors are not as smooth as lacquered, nonslip for animals, but more sensitive. Without compromising / damage livestock is hardly possible. There are only 2 Möglichekeiten. Either the perfect apartment or dog / cat.

If only the child has the desire and animal acquisition is only the sole reason contemplated should be very, very carefully considered. Although it to your question passes. Livestock works optimally only if all have this desire and embarked together on it. What is not like with dog / cat if daughter or no time has?

Unfortunately, this is inevitable, which will bear the parquet floor damages. The advantage of parquet is, you can grind it again and seal.

Your question has been answered sufficiently. But you should also remember that dogs and cats when they run, very light (off) slip, and may be injured.

I find the question ok. Although I am very fond of animals, I have to have no desire to scratch my sauteuren floor. Better informed in advance as a look behind goofy.

The floors are more sensitive, clear. Possibly you should definitely inquire about a special seal or n carpet get (for racetracks) Smooth floors are anyway not good for feet.

what about the dogs? Scratching the not the parquet?

Scratches on the floor will not fail. However, your carpet could interpret. You should also concern that puppies are not housebroken and therefore the carpet and possibly also the parquet is also occasionally contaminated.

Who lives with animals, so must accept some compromises in purchase (can)!

Your parquet must already be sealed very hard that you can not see anything there. You have to decide on, if a four-legged family member is important to you (in cats always at least two holding not separately), or whether you can live in the stalls with scratches.

We have laid cork floor 6 years ago. The seller then also said that would necessarily suitable for cat ownership. Well, we have 4 cats, and the floor is totally scratched. Mainly on the points where the cats to turn the corner. They run at a gallop, then comes straight a wall, where they have to brake to turn. And in such places the ground is very rough. We live with it because we cats are more important than the bottom. But considering that we have € 2,500 laid for the stupid floor, could the the dealer actually cut around the ears .....

So less soil compaction when keeping pets not Gibt's. In dogs, even less. Since you had the animals put else in the house little bootees; o), and will not like .....

So please consider first whether you can live with it, because an animal can not help it. This punishing might afterwards for your mistake would be fatal ....

So I have since we have laminate - truly one of the very first generation, so not particularly high quality --- also had several dogs. no scratch --not more than we would make people with our street shoes and -

known by us are rich and have very old parquet floor, three on it were dogs generations old, at the same time always two dogs - no scratch no more than those who make every human being würde--

when the parquet was so soft that you would get from pet paws scratch, he would not have many decades, even centuries in old houses survived. grow always nice, always nice polish, :-) then it works well with a dog!

Well let's put it that way. It's not as fast, but scratches come already clean. But honestly. This should not stand in the foreground but. Much more important is whether is also taken care of properly by the dog. And by the way. If there is to be win puppy, your parquet is the slightest problem. ;-)

I can unfortunately not initially parquet say, but will only tell you that I find entirely appropriate to ask and nothing to do with it if the apartment is above the animal!

Scratches are scratches but how gesagt-- if you regularly polierst the ground well and einbohnerst, it remains in the frame - but if you is really more effort the thing worth ?? you should really be doing most honest with themselves, without feeling insulted without one sees himself too critical - as a hundchen lives up to 18 years with you and as a permanent process of the soil can be very annoying ..

much should you your daughter in the animal shelter anmelden- with her as gassiegängerin - although no own dog, but they would also have to contact regularly, they would know how great the responsibility and above all who is compulsorily which task on them would. and only when he's a dog would have at home ..

often have children at a certain age such a wish, but then puberty flies back with, because other things are more important then (1. boyfriend z bsp) then you are as parents always in duty. therefore it creates no pet for a child to, but always as a family member along can erziehugn -the no child accept alone, not even responsible. and you can not leave you alone a puppy in the first year of life, has to train him very slowly to her -if so employed are not coming puppy in question.

all considerations that you should make in advance, and if you the floor is important, then includes consideration this now.

If you have children or pets in the house, it can sometimes give scratches!

If you can not live with it, you should live better alone and enjoy the ever new gleaming hardwood!

Yes, if you have such questions or concerns, you should refrain from pet.

There is always a chance that something happens, animals get sick and old and incontinent, break them, they bring pure dirt, they can sometimes scratch anything or break anything.

If the soil and the means are as important, is that anything with the dog or cat.

With us, the animals are family members.

We all live in our house ...

And yes ... there is damage to the floors and furnishings ...

... But also bipeds cause such damage ...

So what??? It can be all mending and repair.

I'm just not sure if a dog would feel on your refined parquet ...

it's true that one should not necessarily own dog get into the house just because one wants to call it "a responsible animal lovers"

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