Dog and rabbit together

Yesterday bought a zwergkaninchen and have been around for 5 years, a small white dog (not much bigger than a cat). I wanted to ask how I can get used to the two together. There have been overtures where a hatt held the dog and the rabbit. Since the dog has abgelekt the rabbit, which is positive? The dog observed the hare always in his cage and it seems to me as if the dog will have the attention of the hare.

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Hello Sarah,

what you're doing is because, unfortunately, not good at all and humanely and also a lot of stress for your rabbit !! :(

If you your rabbit is important and you want to be a Tierquäleri, then please note:

01.) Individual attitude is cruel !!

Rabbits are suffering greatly pack animals without a conspecific (rabbit) you can not be alone!; just as we humans !!! After enduring individual attitude they get behavioral disorders; as aggression, agitation, rampage, biting, etc.

A rabbit can (and also all other living beings / pets) start nothing with humans, guinea pigs, dogs and cats, as they can not communicate with each other; they speak a more perfect other "language" !! In addition, rabbits have social needs which are planned to comply and must; and going !!! only with another rabbit

A person (or other pet) can not make off with him:

  • brush coat each other
  • Clean eyes mutually
  • Cuddle (as it wants the rabbit)
  • explore
  • play
  • warn each other of dangers !!

Thus, an attitude of rabbit and dog is not recommended at all! The rabbit is suffering because very topsy !! Unfortunately, it can not complain ... :(

Imagine times before me, you live in a very small room. Only now and then comes a strange creature to you purely the You do not know with whom you can not communicate, and he can not tell you how much you suffer !! And then the essence is still too ignorant not to recognize that you are totally alone and want to have a human partner! It has simply not informed how to keep people humanely and keeps you prefer the way it wants to. And then it makes from time to ridiculous to say to you that you want to do not at all because they do not belong to human behavior. You would indeed somehow so join you at least some sort of contact with jmd have, but you were not happy !! And by the long loneliness and lack of communication, then you'll behave disturbed and die very likely even earlier ... :( And außerhlb this room is always a predator that could attack you at any time once you go out ...

I doubt strongly that would you like as a life !!! And so it goes a rabbit in individual attitude!

02.) SPACE

The rabbit must 2qm space are on one level available! And always, 24 hrs. A day !!! accordingly In 2 animals 4qm!

Less is not appropriate to the species = animal cruelty!

A normal cage is too small for rabbits (also double storey) :( rabbits develop with hand positions therein sometime behavioral problems such as aggression, rioting, nibble on the grids and some even bite sometime (even humans)! :(

4.) FEED (I mention a precaution times ^^)

Rabbits should NOT finished feed Knabberstangen get Drops and Co, because it is not healthy! Only food waste with chemicals! It is the fast food of the rabbit world by making the animal feed industry real money. Only this is what this food; and not for the welfare of the animal :( rabbits only natural things should get and hay must always be present in compositions to be XD Healthy food is!:

  • Hay (staple)
  • Meadow / grass (staple)
  • Dandelion / Blossom uä.
  • Branches / twigs / bark uä.
  • carrots
  • Carrots Green / Radiesschengrün
  • Lettuce / Chicory
  • cucumber
  • Äpfe
  • Herbs (fresh / dried)
  • etc

Please eliminate these two serious posture in which you your rabbit procure a rabbit partner and them the minimum habitat are bidding: 4qm !! ^^ Only then can it be happy;)

Note when selecting a partner, please, that the partners rabbit is in about the same age! Only in older rabbits (from 4-5 years), the maximum age difference max. be 2 years.

There is Konstelationen that do not work, and what that work very well!

Rabbit pairing that works:

  • 1 castrated males / 1 female (= ideal !!)
  • 2 castrated males

Rabbit pairing that does not work:

  • 2 females
  • 2 castrated males
  • 1 unneutered males / 1 castrated males

Please own you much knowledge about rabbits! These animals can not simply keep anyway you want it! They are then behavior disturbed, often sick and often die earlier ... :( It does not enjoy them and the rabbits have erstrecht then no joy in life :(


Best wishes :)

Who you because selling a single pet rabbit?

Individual attitude of rabbits is now even banned in Austria legally because this is animal cruelty.

That you can lick the rabbit the dog, is also cruelty to animals. Rabbits are prey for dogs.

For dogs, it is often stressful to have potential prey constantly in his face.

When rabbits with conspecifics living in a large, species-appropriate enclosures and the dog does not care for them, a stress-free for all animals attitude is possible, but not the rule.

Inform yourself please hurry on, and about appropriate Rabbit Farming and place the there immediately to Read or give your rabbit in welfare from.

Some get along, not doing much ... you can not make out slowly (and carefully) used to each other. Is it a terrier? Then I would prefer to be very careful. A residual risk always, regardless of the dog. When I was a child, our dog has "well understood" with 2 rabbits my sister for years and there were never any problems.

So first I have to say that rabbits are group animals and should be kept at least two people! Everything else is not appropriate to the species. A dog can replace a conspecific in no case - if you want the object of your action.

Dogs are predators and there is always a risk when you dog and rabbit together doing. Moreover, it is for the rabbits every time pure stress when it is licked by the dog, or the dog comes too close to him (in the cage looking), for the hare takes the dog perceive as predator (danger), while the hare for the dog a "toy" is.

No successful basis for true friendship. There will be dogs, where the hunting instinct is not pronounced and which are therefore may be possible to leave the dog and rabbit simultaneously in a room (even then only under supervision!), Best friends but they are furthermore certainly not.

If the dog is on the cage and the rabbit fixed, maybe a foreleg adopts high you make the immediate measures. So a no or! And the dog from the cage away. The hare I would not keep him only once before the nose. Even a small dog can kill a rabbit quickly. How is your dog in wild animals or cats?

The dog observed the hare always in his cage

he fixed the hare and wants to eat him. The dog sees the rabbit as prey and the rabbit has anxiety and stress. You should not let the animals together. You should also keep rabbits / Rabbit not alone, the need conspecifics and a dog for company!

Hey, undzwar I have 3 rabbits & 1 dog (Jack Russel) the dog is 4years and the oldest Rabbit 6years. & My dog ​​has no problem with the rabbits running in the apartment around and the dog also (probably because det dog does not know otherwise.) My dog ​​would be drinking the rabbits even from his watering (I 1 × seen). .... so you can got there that there are no problems :) But 1 rabbit did not work, you should get you at least a further 1 to. Rabbits are group animals and need a conspecifics example to cuddle :)

The dog fleut to his life lining. You want to torture him by looking constantly sets him his food animal's nose, but that forbid grab him.

Sure you can achieve that the dog does the hare in peace, but this you have to suppress his instincts crass irdendwann. I hold something worse than blows.

The rabbit feels so how you would feel if you had to live in a lion's den now, in fear that you eat the lions but if the guard is to get away.

That's right what you're doing. You should observe the dog when he is on the cage and how it will look on the rabbit responds. I unfortunately do not know from how to recognize whether a dog happy or so. But in any case can settle a bischien and leave the cage first there. I suggest after a month you can then let go around freely together and see how it works. But let a leash on the dog! Do this best in the garden or in the house / apartment

Greetings iR3ptile

This is our year long work. Must not. Dogs are predators and K's the passendfe prey - as quickly an accident happens.

Can good seibn that your dog looks at the K as a family member and watching, but may be auich if K make rapid movements the dog snaps.

Read times this question. Degree at my answer was beautifully explained why Euinzelhaltung is creepy animal cruelty.

https: //www./frage/geht-es-gut-hund-und-kaninchen foundin = answer-li ...?

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