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I was just walking with my dog ​​(freewheel) and is suddenly left behind barked. As I turned around, I saw that They had something barked as it were to a young wild rabbits. The boy then began to "cry", then a few meters weggehoppelt and I have my dog ​​on leash and went.

What do you think the mother will pick it up again or come back or not? As I said it has the rabbit does not hurt but only scared and I did not, of course it touches.


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That was certainly a young hare, not a rabbit. In rabbits, it is normal that the boy from the mother only briefly visited to suckle and then left alone again. As long as your dog has the animal is not injured, you need not worry.

The will pick her cub safely. Did mE date of your response (leashing, continue) did everything right.

ask me just where you are in the winter young hare, who are already out of the nest, which would have to yes in the middle of winter and the coldest time come to the world be ... and usually provide hare to be dead and not scream ...

but no matter, you have done everything right ... leash and walk dog ...

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