dog as a Muslim?

may hold as a Muslim a dog?

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I have dealt myself with this issue a long time because it interested me. It is so that you may certainly keep a dog as a Muslim. It is but a matter which direction you follow - because this will affect the attitude.

Basically, most scholars in this regard agree that keeping dogs in their own home fails because there is this prophet traditions. Therefore, it is the attitude recommended separately to operate. For example, in a kennel outside the house.

In addition, there are limitations due to claims on ritual purity. A dog may not be valid as impure per se, but by certain schools believe touching a dog may lift the ablution completely or partially. For this reason, you should inform yourself in more detail on the regulations in your law school. This works best when your Imam.

Why not? Dogs there anywhere in the world; Afghans or Sloughies - which is a greyhound race - derived indeed from Muslim countries and held there for hundreds of years,

Hi, how it looks with other races I do not know, but know many who are truly God-fearing and keep Kangal. Just know not whether that could have possibly something to do with the race ....

Some say so, others say otherwise: As always in life. Read yourself:

The answer to your question depends entirely on what denomination you're within Islam belongs feel. - I hope you can keep the self-addressed, as there are many directions in Islam.

but is a widespread view that, if at all, a dog is not allowed to hold "in the house", but only in the open, because a dog allegedly unclean.

I think this view is wrong, because what man wants to arrogate animal fellow Allah for "unclean" to explain, but to think of themselves as 'pure'. For me this reflects Only human arrogance.

Therefore the motto applies to me: Allah has created by itself nothing unclean. - If something is impure, then the person has his finger in the pie. And if the dog still one should have fleas, which rarely happens with proper care, it is often not the dog, but the man, who as the owner is responsible for it.

Set your mind and then decide for yourself, because dogs are in good leadership faithful friends of man.

Islam is something shizophren on this issue - Dog is useful, it is ok, is dog just for fun, it is not ok.

Personally, I would a religious question that makes me such rules. Ultimately it is your decision if you can believe it with your verreinbaren - which has rather nothing to do with any of Koran interpretations.

Yes it is that. Because as a Muslim itinerant preacher / Junior scholar or large Moh-Man was eventually hundreds of years ago in person once bitten by a dog, after which he developed a personal aversion to these animals, and even in the Koran or in a Hadith that all dogs are evil and no one should have and it conjured up the adventure clear justifications for from the turban ... sometimes you get the feeling that Islam is full of rules and regulations whose origin can only be explained in this way or their existence (perhaps even good reason why they originated) already are have jahrhundertem lost by technical, medical or social progress.

I've just googled and saw that dog but one may not hold if one is Muslim. in a hadith is that if someone keeps a dog in the house trettet since no angel and the human being comes into dosakh living with a dog!

May he. But Allah sees not like how the muslims think. Whether there is Allah and whether religion is smart can imagine any self

I am sure that your God first teaches you German. And if you keep a dog humanely (!) Want then you can do that. Even as a Muslim. Many Muslims have dogs. Also in the apartment. Would not know what speaks as a Muslim against livestock. Is not a pig xD

reported Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them): "I heard Abu Talha said that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him) said the following:" The Angels do not enter apartment in which there is a dog or an image and / or a sculpture is. " (Hadith Sahih in Bukhari, dtsch ed, No. 3225th..) Abu Huraira (Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him) said: "Whoever keeps a dog, which will daily his a portion decrease (good) deeds - except the dog, which is held for the purpose of agriculture and Schafshütung "... Abu Hurayrah also reported that the prophet (blessings and peace be upon him) said:".. .. except the dog, which is held for the purpose of hunting and Schafshütung. " (Hadith Sahih Bukhari in, dtsch. Ed., No. 2322)

Ibn `Umar, may Allah be pleased with them, reported that the Prophet (sas):" The person who keeps a dog, is what determines neither for the purpose of herding the sheep nor the hunt goes on every day (the reward with Allah ) for every two parts of his (good) deeds be lost. "(Bukhari)

You could not pray when its drool reaches you .. It is considered unclean ..

It does not speak anything against entertainment but home.

Besitzten yes, food no.

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