Dog at bringing out to Horne on Treats

Hey guys I have a maltese poodle mix it rüde..und can really many tricks I have with it is also a YouTube channel (spiky knut) he hears totally good when I call him ..auch without leckerlie..auch outside but once the is canvas from ... he hears garnich more. ...

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My tip: plug the goodies in a bag, which rustles very strong and used from there only this one bag for treats. Start with the workout at home and raschel whenever you call your dog quite noisy with the bag so that it is accustomed to treat rustle means. When he has become accustomed to have fu eventually test how well it responds to the bag. You machstst then so that you raschelst without saying anything to the bag. If he looks at you or even coming from you can start it to try the walk.

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Hello ilovespiky

Well, has your education to make up so many .At best in a Hundesportverein .The members of this association can give you much help to .Deinem animal that determines also be fun.

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