Dog at night not sleeping through

Hello everybody! We have a dog, it is now about 10 months old. She has come housebroken and logs when they have to get out. But now it is so that they can at night often report and we have to always go for a walk at 3 am sorry ... I think it's really great that it gives me at least modest, if they must, only the time must not be;) Does anyone have a tip on how there can do what they can to 'verheben' it? So we go in the evening to 10 ever again gassi because she does whatever their business!

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So I would say that it postponed the evening gassi gear on later, she is still young but be patient the places with time :) think it's great that they are the communication and does not make the apartment :) so a wise mouse <3

it may also be that since a marotte has crept. maybe it takes your dog easy entertaining with you at 3:00 in the morning to go walkies.

I feed our dog to 16/17 pm The last time, go an hour later again on a round and at 23:00 one last time around the block and has the next morning not before ten o'clock out. However, it is during the day a bit more demanded as your dog. I advise you in addition to the round gassi still search games incorporate also other games where he needs the head, then he is more tired in the evening and at night.

Whether you're sorry it or not, but does not matter ...

I mean you are glad that she logs in, other dogs sign and make directly to the apartment and no matter how it makes dog is wrong ...

She is 10 months, some are housebroken until 12-14-16 months and if they already announces itself so I think it's great!

It takes time until the dog is able to maintain appropriate long and I would move the Abendrunde slightly backwards, maybe it comes only then to 4 and announces itself, but it may be all the more and more stretch a little.

Have a little bit more patience, it is not self-evident that a dog will alert you when he needs!

When dogs are young they need most often, tried nevertheless times your round by 1 or 2 hours to move back, then your dog has more time and must later back out!


Have you ever tried the last round only at 23 or 24 o'clock to go? She is still very young and maybe they just can not keep so long? That will be better.

Good luck with your sweetheart: D


as you write, makes the evening even at 22:00 their great geschäft-- that brings me to the frage-- how does it look the daily running out with eurerm dog - as long as it comes out during the day --wann it is daytime fed? ? if their evening at 18:00 still feeding ma., it must 8 -9 hours later --liegt on the digestive time ..

... ye shall not go out at night for a walk with her, but you shall BRIEF bring out so that it can be solved ...

When I read something like:

that they at night often report and we are tired of always go for a walk at 3am.

... Then that is bad ... Your dog should and should not pursue his needs because you do not fit the time?

Modified times the feeding times and sets in the evening as the last round times as 23 o'clock or 23.30Uhr outside ...

When you give the last meal?

maybe your evening round is too short?

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