Dog ate 100g of chocolate!

Hello. My Great Pyrenees (45kg) has just about 100g "noble cream chocolate almond" eaten. Is this dangerous?

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Hi Faby do not drive yourself crazy ... even if it were 100 grams, your dog will not happen much. It was Rahmschokolade. Dangerous would be 45 kilo dog than 2,5 kg Rahmschokolade at your. Watch your dog, counter If he gets diarrhea. If you something funny to which he is behaving strangely ..lass the vet look over time. Next time just to watch and store toxic items out of reach of the dog. Happy your Fellnase :-)

Chocolate contains theobromine, the darker the more. Dark chocolate contains 3-10 grams of theobromine per kilogram. In the dog, the lethal dose of theobromine at about 300 mg / kg body weight was determined.

Now you can count itself and will be facilitated thereafter. but Watch him in more detail in the next few hours.

To be variably do not really let the dog drink plenty of water and give it more like dog food, however I would in case of a necessary trzd. watch out.

Good luck :)

You should go to the vet !!! Irgenein substance in chocolate is toxic to dogs seeeehr.

Why are you giving your dog too? Already 6 grams is harmful !! Go to the vet! Eighth even if it is out of his nose when it is hot go directly to Artzt only warm! Good luck!

The animal can be blind or even die. And 100g are much for a dog! Find quickly a veterinarian to please ..

The darker the chocolate the more unhealthy. That's not so bad because your dog is large and heavy. In a worse 4kg chihuahua waer that. Pass next time better :)

Yes, if he has a nut allergies.

No, but you should not repeat the permanently.

in your case, there is no danger, because your dog is very large and it was to do ne chocolate with a little cocoa.

google theobromine poisoning -da are the quantities also specified.

Oh man, did this degree the comments read, creepy if you do not know with dogs from.

Do not worry, the good animal will not take damage from it. Before my Collie (youth) I had ever hide anything sweet, so they do not (Übergewicht-) as that of neighbor gets dachshund.

Go with him immediately to the vet !! You probably know that chocolate is very harmful! Please immediately take him to the vet !!

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