Dog ate chocolate! 10 grams questionable?


our Dachshund Puppy (15 weeks 3 kg) has just a few Puffreisstücken which are coated with chocolate eaten. Have a maximum of 10 grams, the puffed rice withdrawn maybe. 8

On the Internet is that 15 grams in such a tissue layer to vomiting and diarrhea may result, but do not be dangerous.

What do you all mean? I'd already set off with him if a car would be there! So I need forever to the nearest veterinarian.


The best answer

My favorite link one has yet posted, so I do the times:

Enter chocolate and browse through the text. Thus you have for all the toxins the same page to the hand, when you sometimes just can read.

Store, you'll find it in the course of a dog's life certainly need a few more times.

Currently you need not worry, but you should observe whenever your dog has something added, which can affect critical or even fatal!



no panic. First, dangerous for dogs Tanin is predominantly present in dark chocolate - not so much in whole milk chocolate.

If I'm not mistaken, the lethal dose dog dog is 8 g / kg / in dark chocolate and at 60 g / kg / in milk chocolate.

So let not make you crazy. Of course, your dog may get diarrhea - but that's manageable.

If he naturally behaves remarkably different than usual - then a visit to the vet is recommended - probably is not.

Good succeed


So my Dachshund (petite 6 kg) is not similar ill of much more become! Is not very healthy but this amount is not dangerous

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