Dog ate garbage, breathe after a long time heavy and vomiting?

Hi folks So ... Today I left lunch my dog ​​in the garden and had forgotten that still stood there a garbage bag, he ripped it open but I do not know what he has eaten (there were chicken bones, plastic bag of sausage) it was today noon gotten around 13:30 he has to eat at 18 o'clock again and behaved normally, however, he had to give at midnight vomiting and now he is breathing very hard, what should I do? What could be the worst case? Thanks for answers

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So if he has eaten chicken bones may be that the vomiting which is stuck in the throat ... so off to the vet or to the next animal hospital's !!!!!

Vet. Your dog could have 'small parts' swallows who now time to do anything in the stomach.

By including cooked (fried) chicken bone already many dogs have died cruelly. Hollow bones splinter extremely after processing (cooking). The splinters are very sharp and can cause very severe internal injuries, which become apparent only after several hours. Sausage casing is not quite so tragic, it is mostly excreted undigested. However, they can also lead to bowel obstruction depending on the amount.

With the certainty that poultry bones were eaten, I would not hesitate to go to the animal hospital. At worst, is stomach or intestines perforated (damaged), resulting in the death. Stuck a bone in front of the digestive tract, it can cause suffocation.

Normally I would advise to wait and see exactly art observation, but not in this case. The chance of a good outcome is 50:50. Need to take a chance?

Please search immediately to a vet! It's urgent !!

A trip to the vet would be mal ne idea or?

Now go immediately to any physician for that you had to make already equal to

Starting to the vet! Chicken bones are very poor, they split and then get stuck in your throat! Older sausage is not good! Get well :)

In the worst case, which is stuck in the lungs. Dannn he needs surgery. he coughs frequently? A bowel obstruction may be the result. I'd leave time X-ray at the clinic him in any case.

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