Dog ate pills!

Hi I need help penetrate I do not know if I'm overreacting now but my dog ​​has eaten my tablets so far as I know it was only one! That Dolo-Spedifen forte 400 is on the leaflet: 1 film-tablet contains 400mg ibuprofen as ibuprofenarginat and adjuvants. And by the way these are painkillers. Should I be worried? Ask for help!

The best answer

Should I be worried?

if it was only 1 tbl. It could go well. But would a precaution consult a veterinarian or go there!

Your TA agency, describing the event and follow the instructions

What do you have for a dog? How much does he weigh? Really and certainly only one?

How heavy is the dog?

Sure, he has only one eaten?

How heavy is your dog?

If he behaves conspicuously? - Then please directly to the TA.

Call to your veterinarian.

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