Dog ate plastic. Is that bad?


Yesterday I gave the dog (German Shepherd) dog Salami and he bit halt in the package (thin plastic film) and has swallowed a piece. He has not coughed, choked or so and has subsequently also behaved normally. Is that bad that he ate the piece?

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if that was just a little bit and he gave no response, it's actually not bad. Nevertheless, you have to observe if it still shows any reactions to the dog a little longer.

Well the play was such a rag, probably. 2x5 cm? I do not know exactly, he had indeed in its mouth

if it was only a tiny stueck, that's not so bad ...

Plastics harden in stomach acid from most and are glass-like hard or some plastics (tennis ball) foam (like expanding foam) on.

Small, abgeschluckte plastic particles (Zigarettenpackungszellophan) had my Tibetan Mastiffs deposited in his stomach. It remained in him for a abgeschlucktem plastic until we. forced toy mouse nauseam had (veterinarian).

Only then surprisingly also some smallest plastic film scraps came to light, so they do not run through by a large dog, but accumulate in the stomach.

Please call at least to your vet and let advise you how your dog that swallowed plastic can disgorge again. mixed With our looked raw sauerkraut with much Kalbsleberwurst.

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Hello !

As long as there are not huge amounts and / or sharp-edged hard plastic, it is not bad.

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I think tomorrow is the must with the daily "business" have done. This is also excreted as if you had swallowed that. That comes out undigested in the natural way.

Nope, if it was not a little

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