Dog ate poison ?!

We are just at the lake and my dog ​​drools just extremely .. Have afraid that my dog ​​ate poison .. Does anyone have that experience?

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Do not panic, wenns him otherwise goes well! Had my dog ​​ever again if we were camping. Perhaps bitten in ne toad or any boar broke ... or so eaten. No joke. Just looking schnautze ausspühlen with water / leave drinking.

It's a little dark in order to be at the lake. Because you should have your dog ever closer distance. No one can make here ne remote diagnostics. It may be completely harmless, but can just as well be fatal for the dog. This is now your decision you here nobody will decrease.

Would be interesting to know how your dog now actually now go!

to go, it can be even worse than hours sleep I would not dare. If it is eg especially rat poison, it may after a few hours to hemorrhages (see eg in the mouth). Difficult situation, in your place I'd better go to one too many veterinary emergency as too little, especially FAST for both still can be triggered vomit. I would go as I said do not sleep as long is something else.

wenns to JTZ is not better, you go JTZ in the clinic, but quickly. I would if I were you would 'do not trust me to sleep, so go to the hospital! if your dog has really taken something wrong to be you make in the next few minutes in bus / car / train / rail / taxi which also always sit and drive in the clinic! your dog everything guteZ

Hab anxiety has eaten my dog ​​poison

should he have eaten poison, have the dog to a veterinarian IMMEDIATELY, or it may end badly for him!

If you had once experienced the suffering of a poisoned dog - then you would now something of fast with your dog go to the on-duty emergency veterinarian or with 'nem taxi on the way to the nearest animal hospital ... - ... certainly you would not tippseln here and ask for an exchange of experience ...

You are the only one who can perceive and evaluate the changes of the dog ...

All the best for the dog!

I personally do not, but I try to write quickly. prefer to go to the doctor now and quickly

if she has taken poison counts every second.

A TA of degree are at such einemn suspicion merely a painkiller give t and all the next day weuitere machern weioll vocational verrboten

Does anyone have that experience?

Yes, 1.5 dogs poisoned, one after 4 stuinden dead troz ta within 20 minutes. 2nd dog has survived, more or less.

There are poisons you act relatively quickly, others (eg rat poison) need up to 2 months. Something certainty are ne blood test

For veterinary emergency.

Yes the stupid is my doctor is in another city

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