dog ate protein latch that is bad?

My dog ​​has a protein bar-but who was actually specially placed out of his reach found and eaten. Is this dangerous for him? It weighs about 25 kg and the protein latch 35 g 20 g protein

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because nothing will happen. But you should absolutely ensure that the dog does not rankommt your candy and he not even a bar of chocolate o. Ä incorporated itself.. Something could end tragically!

It is now not necessarily harmful, but should remain an isolated case. As with the aforementioned chocolate, in the Riegel things much sugar is contained and the dog can as well quickly get diabetes. The dangerous diabetes happens to be the fact that it does not hurt and the dog's Symthome ever to communicate at all. So the animal is a long walk around with diabetes and we notice it only when deficits. This can coma or vascular changes with organ failure and also often the case, blindness.

also counteract Like most poisons with movement.

No, he is healthy put a cactus.

You will see if it makes what he already.

I do not know what that was for a tie. Chocolate should be avoided in any case, because it contains an enzyme that damages the dog. There are already dead dogs on chocolate.

Now can do with him right sport.

Since you need you not to worry, that man can eat, does not hurt the dog, except very sharp things and Geürze.

If the dog does not tolerate it pisses your atmosphere completely, otherwise you never have to worry about.

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