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Hello, I was just with my dog ​​for a walk, as I have just seen that he had something in his mouth from the meadow. My first thought was, of course, a poison bait, having heard that it has cracked in his mouth, I immediately thought of a razor blade. Unfortunately it was too late and he has already swallowed, because it was so dark. Should I be concerned and may contact an animal emergency / Veterinary?

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Waiting it behaves conspicuously from the clinic that now poison bait or ner meadow razors are unlikely also eat constantly something because you can not immediately go for fear it might be something incompatible if your dog continues to behave normally without diarrhea be vomiting and then do not need to see a doctor ..kann also small stick or been carrion

If he does not vomit in the next 24 hours and otherwise is normal (no sign of pain, dizziness, etc.), you need not worry. Perhaps it was only a bone or limb. but not let him first sight, that thou mitbekommst it immediately if something happens. Then you should also go as quickly as possible in a veterinary clinic.

So are you going at each time when the same situation occurs again, the animal notdienst ??

na then mach also same NEN appointment with your doc ..

the gastric acid of a dog is much more concentrated than the razor even in people who decomposed ..... almost ....

as long as your dog does not behave conspicuously, you have to you only times no grieving ....

or you'll end even lie next to and the dog alerted the emergency call ...

because you do not know what the dog has eaten, you should always consult a veterinary clinic immediately! Good luck!

Can also be that he has eaten an animal bone also crack. How tall is he? But call the emergency services

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