Dog attacks on hoover

So my dog ​​fully bitten in the vacuum cleaner (in the pipe) and true totally aggressive in the contemporary of the hoover, I have it but never done something with the vacuum cleaner and before true that never so what may have caused this reaction?

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dogs can this thing do not classify and assign ... with some it is the hunting operation is awakened in others alone the fear / uncertainty inherently ... without close monitoring and assessment of my hand, I'll give you no answer on it ... what you can but make sure is that you simply ask the SS in the middle of the apartment, a few treats it and then ignore the dog, go out of the room and just let him do ... can some take days until he goes and times the treat does ... every now and then passing a few treats drauflegen ... whom he thereby is safe and starts without problems should go, you can then do the same who is the SS turned on, after a few weeks he will because hingehn easily. ..zwischenzeitlich but only sucked whom the dog is waiting in the car or in the garden ...

Dogs (and cats) hate the noise of the vacuum cleaner motor.

Maybe you forgot your dog accidentally pushed "in the corner", so that the vacuum cleaner between him and the door was?

I always make sure that my cats are not in the room where I want just vacuuming ...

He feels threatened by the vacuum cleaner. Our dog does that too. You could time while staubsaugst put a dog biscuit on the vacuum cleaner, if you do it every now and again, he hears vlt. so on. When our dog it worked for a while.

This is quite normal, I think every dog ​​makes

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