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Hello, I have a 2 year old Border Collie dogs. He limps since Saturday morning, front right, and since Saturday it has become much worse, he protects the leg more and more. Nevertheless, he would like to play and run and has fun with it, but you realize that it's even worse straight movement. So we only go short distances with him and do more for the head with it. Now my question is whether we should perhaps create a support bandage him because he still has to get out today and if that might help to preserve the joint a bit. I ask fair and respectful answers, LG

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have you got the paw already studied? he has something occurred? why do not you still waiting at vet?

depending on injury, a bandage also harm than good.

a remote diagnosis is certainly not possible and a visit to vet unavoidable - for the fair and respectful handling of the animal.

I think I've made myself a little stupid in question. On Saturday it was barely noticeable and only easily seen by Movement with claudication. With the days it has become doller, it is not so that the dog runs only on three legs, he limps slightly-medium strong. It is clear that we go to a vet tomorrow! I just wanted to ask if there is a way to stop it, that the limp is stronger.

Imagine you you have your arm broken in the shoulder and your parents googling around whether they should miss their child a brace instead of going immediately to the emergency room of the hospital ....

Problems in joints, which are worse with movement always instantly and immediately a veterinarian - even imagine in emergency!

Please make fast, it is urgent to chronic damages to joints in your dog should be avoided.

Thumb pressing the fur animals

and since Saturday, it has become much worse, it protects the leg more and more.

that could be a sprain, something is very painful. The dog should definitely be sedated / spared. Just to get out releasing and then immediately back in, run and play stop! And then as soon as possible consult a veterinarian!

You should keep it as quiet as possible, and imagine him in any case, a TA. To create even a bandage, without knowing the exact medical background, would be fatal.

There are also emergency services for animals. We ne clinic here that would be best. Our vet also comes when Not to man. Come here for you not in question.

No, you shall no bandages and / or support organizations create but seek first thing tomorrow morning the vet.

If necessary, it would be even better to go directly to an animal hospital.

Such limp is usually done with a couple of pills ...

All the best for the dog

The veterinarian should look at the quickly. Something else you can not guess, because we are not doctors. It could be a fracture, but it needs to be sure to be X-rayed.

I would first of all show there a doctor - the real problem might not be solved with a bandage.

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