Dog "Barfen"? Who has a clue?

Hey dear community!

I had yesterday asked a question to the feed, and many of you have me Barfen recommended. What should you consider? Which meat is?

If you need information to the dog, just write :)

Thanks for answers, Greetings GinnyLivi

The best answer

Be careful when small animal food I know many people think that they are doing their pets something good by preparing the food themselves and feed raw. Unfortunately, this is very dangerous not only for animals but also for humans. In addition to the risk of an unbalanced diet, which is particularly a risk for growing dogs, is the risk of infection (salmonellosis, E. coli, endoparasites) significantly higher than for commercial feed. Furthermore, it is so far no study scientifically proven that Rohfleischfütterung irgeneinen advantage would. If one but is very important then, remember the ration of a nutrition expert (and I mean a licensed veterinarian with a specialization in nutrition (veterinary or Diplomate of there not so many)) catch

I recommend you the book "Natural Dog Food" by Susanne Reinerth and Barf brochure of Swanie Simon, so until you well prepared.

Generally you can feed everything is not a pig, because of Aujetzki virus.

Feeding you thus:

  • beef
  • lamb
  • Rabbit
  • Wild (except wild boar)
  • goat
  • hen
  • Turkey
  • pigeons
  • mice
  • Fish (but not all, because of an enzyme)
  • Everything your heart desires

Here, the fat content of 15-25% is very important as the dog gets its energy from this.

Add to that a balanced mix of meats such as:

  • spleen
  • liver
  • kidney

Pulmonary you are really only when the dog is hungry and is expected to decrease, as it has little ingredients. Ebneso unnecessarily's udder and testicles.

Also you need calcium, but you can feed cartilage (stope, ears, etc) or bone (hare foot, sternum, cross rib, chicken necks, etc). Bearing bones (leg bones of heavy animals) and cooked bones can not feed you. These are too hard and can thus teeth columns, there is also the risk that they splinter.

The whole part represents 70% of the diet of (at least). Given the Barfen 30% come (maximum) vegetables and fruits. The stomach of the dog is quite acidic, which is why you should rely more on vegetables as fruits also still has Fruchsäure. Fruit must be mashed, otherwise the dog can not properly utilize. To this are still an oil. as linseed oil, pumpkin seed oil etc.

Speaking of oils, also for meat (which usually does not come from grazing animals) should have an omega 3 oil feed, because that take non-grazing animals on too little. For this is well suited salmon oil.

Cereals and carbohydrates such as rice, potatoes, pasta etc should be avoided.

My dog ​​gets 2% of its body weight, which are at 16kg approx 320 grams. But we do not weigh as the gram from =).

Super start is the brochure of Swanie Simon. You only costs 5, - Euro on Amazon. The declared the beginning everything is important. There is also super groups on Facebook. The can then help also good on.

Hope I could help you something, what should I have forgotten, I will certainly have been made by other Barfern here attention =). At least I hope so.

Everything except for pork. Raw pork must not eat dogs, can be very dangerous.

In Italy, last year firsch shot Rehbein: X With fur and all. My uncle is a hunter, if he sees something "steal" I myself always something for the dogs.

My dog ​​loves beef and bovine blood. My Trainier gave me a Barfplan created after I consider myself moderately quantities.

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