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My Pomeranian (7 months) barks and growls at times strange that meet us on a walk or walking past our garden. Sometimes she barks sometimes growls and sometimes it is very friendly and does not care for them. I fully bind the barking or growling immediately or try to distract them and thus avert attention to myself and from the strange people. Works usually quite good only, it is always the same, I can do besides something? Thanks already :)

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Hello Lucyy18

Please read the article you a very experienced dog trainer very carefully, then which are the right of it linked 1-4 the other articles about natural aggression behavior and body language and spoken language = Hundisch.

Then you know more what I at this point now would you explain what is not enough space.

Now, even combined my answer to your question above:

You should have the body language of your dog learn to read, because then need this not growl or even bark at him uncertainly solubilizing ward!

You should also prohibit not growling and barking, but, as can be seen from the article, modify your dealing with your dog in such situations.

The goal is: The fact that you no longer your dog in such situations bring in what he has to growl and bark!

Must Your dog to ward Brush the You've already lost your school assignment.

  • Watch dog behavior
  • In the event that he is running a large arch uncertainty or threatening behavior in the body language, or if not possible - turn to alternative location.

As you unterbindest that? You have to make it clear that it is not his job to decide who their "enemy seelig" are you stroll over and whom not.

Hello Lucyy18

In my Pomeranian that was that.

Growls and he barks at other dogs or people?

So I did it quite well to get a grip that it is no longer interested when he meets him strangers. The best solution for us was a direct confrontation. That you take it everywhere with time, even where it has a lot of people. Vlt. you can take him time to work. When growling and barking the same in dogs. go to a place where it has many dogs and keep repeating.

Kind regards :)

I would go to dog school. As you can educate the dog.

Pomeranian typical! Dog school! ;) LG FrageFuchs02

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