Dog barks at people. What to do?

Hi I have a little problem with my 9 month old Appenzeller Mischlingshündin: You barks meim go walkies constantly the people who come to meet us, especially men. This problem is, however, only if it is in the evening on darken, or morning, if it is not yet quite light. On the day she barks at no pedestrian. What could be the reason for this? Did someone already had such experiences? I look forward to your answers.

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If you got it from a shelter maybe it could be that she has made with men sometimes bad experiences. Otherwise, I guess they just scared. My dog ​​barks almost always other dogs, although they do their anything because she was once attacked by a times, just scared and do not know how to help otherwise. Mostly it will be better if I show her more or less that the other dog does not do anything to her. Maybe that works for your dog too. Maybe you could just a couple of times (male), who does not know your dog ask to help you and walk past at dawn on them and if your dog again starts she barks perhaps quite slow on your Bekannen lead ran and show her that he wants to do nothing. Maybe that helps even and it is a little less suspicious. I definitely think that it behaves, because she is afraid.

Attempts to distract times and zurnot times leberwurst if he / she does not bark or sit times, take and give tasks and always praise beautifully. :) Hope I helped you LG meme2002

They just developed their protective instinct ..... because it is not perceived exactly in the twilight what to expect it will threaten or warn.

If someone comes to you to crouch down next to her and whisper in her soothing ear caress them here ...... they will calm down .....


which is not unusual. She thinks a potent elle risk to detect and warn.

It's up to you to make your clear that you aufklärst the situation that you determine whether it is dangerous or not.

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