Dog barks for fear

Hello, our little Bolonka male 1 year old, is very anxious and barks so on everything and everyone. Sometimes me. What can I do?

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This is pure uncertainty. Go best in a dog school, working with positive reinforcement. Are you proposed, such as water spraying, poke or growl, you can go right back, because that destroys trust the dog to you even more and makes it worse.

You must build a bond that allows the dog to trust you, so that he can learn when you're there, he must not be afraid.

I had a similar problem with my bitch. They came from the street and has big problems with other dogs. The first two dogs schools could not help us because punishment was applied.

The party has worked with us on the bond. We were looking for tracks, made Dummytraining, have been received on the dog and showed her that everything is okay when it is close to us. Meanwhile we can go by without it spins at a safe distance in dogs. She trusts me and is based in, for them, difficult situations to me, instead of starting directly to bark, or try to run away.

But the last thing they need training, understanding and everything ahead of time.

In the meantime, is important if he is afraid of it, take him close but not betüddel him. When he realizes he gets through his behavior more attention, which will only confirm the "wrong" behavior and he does so on. And not force him in such situations. Give him the space he needs. So make a wide berth or turn around.

dog school and YOU have to get him to take the fear.

it takes time . in our it took eight months

My dog ​​barks today everything: birds, ants, wind .. No idea how to quit :(

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