Dog barks only when someone is home - he guarded?

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Actually, I am satisfied with my little 2nd hand. Since there is only one character that I would like to have answered by dog ​​professionals. So my little one is quite well behaved and barks NOT when someone rings the doorbell, children cry at the door or I'll be home when the dogs are waiting at home alone had (still have a 2nd dog). The little barks ONLY if my husband is already home and I come home. Why? ;-)

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The best answer

I could also imagine that he barks of joy.

Watch some games his entire posture and compare these with his posture when he's just very annoyed.

With joy the dog wags almost with his whole body, has a cheerful open look, licking evt. Your hands and "dancing" around you.

You can unlearn these Bellerei contenders as you umleitest example. Record toys on hand or Store your it tight at the entrance, when the dog you then want to come against barking, you give him the Bringsel. So to speak your Begrüßungsbringsel, then turn it but by not more.

You could also send him to his place .... but so send away a happy guy? I would try the retrieving.

Exerts a quiet but certain procedure.

With Fetch part in the mouth can be bad yapping around.

I wish you every success in the future and a quiet Saluting :-)

when should he otherwise barking, as with joy that his master are there? And how do you know that he does not bark when you are not at home?

He is going to be happy.

The protect you halt.

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