Dog before running feed?

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the dog comes js originally from the wolf. These have to hunt to feed, and when their hunger is satisfied, they lie down and resting. Holding it with your dog as well ... first go for a walk and feed nacher so he can digest at rest, and can avoid the big risk of stomach turn. After 2-3 hours and then you can also back out. I feed my adult dog later in the evening, and had such a calm night.

So I Fütter my dog ​​always follows the run ... Because it may be that possibly be "turns the stomach" of the !!

After running.

If your dog runs with a full stomach / raging / plays CAN there be a bloat. This can be fatal! If you want ffüttern him go before you should wait 1-2 hours before then goes out to him and he rages then wild. Except you have it when saving pull walk on a leash then that is of course ok and you do not have to wait so long.

Tach, I can agree with the other only. In no case the dog can romp with full gefressener Wampe to such stories turn with stomach u. So come not that rare ... It is also not very useful as a dog to digest about 4 hours needs and indeed almost only needs if their home are back ...

The dog of a friend was fed and then a guest threw a stick unknowingly. 15 minutes later Quodo was dead, the stomach had turned and the vet was not fast enough there. I would not risk

How do you mean? Before demm Gassigehen? I would not do. I do not know how big your dog is, because you have now told truly not too much.

But no matter - even in a small dog (I have myself) I would after eating always a lull load.

There are generally - for large dogs rather than small, but exclude never ists - the risk of bloat, which is greater when the dog after feeding too much action has.

Can you walk longer distances with a full stomach? I do not think so..

you indicate, for 25 years to keep dogs / huskies and time to have 10 dogs - varies as 9-10, but with the amount you can ever vertun-- :-)

and you ask actually, when you shall feed your dog ?? r before ode to the gas deal victorious - ?? I laugh me sick !!

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