Dog behaves really weird

Since this afternoon my dog ​​(Jack Russell, about 8 months old) very funny mood. He trembles constantly, looks sad all the time and anxious around the area and snuggles up to a even though he hates cuddling actually. What could this be and especially I can help him somehow?

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He trembles constantly, looks sad all the time and anxious around the area

go with your dog to the vet right away. His behavior indicates pain and only a veterinarian can tell what's wrong!

Go immediately with your dog to the vet. Can surely not be true that your parents do not bring finished or are too lazy to go there with you and your dog. Tomorrow morning, it may possibly be too late, it knows none is lacking in small.

See that you come quickly to Nottierarzt. If a dog behaves so what is wrong.

Sounds like pain, I would sometimes go with him to the vet, maybe he has eaten something poisonous.

when a dog shakes this is often a sign of pain, and that he vemrehrt turns to you ...

animal hospitals have a 24 hour service - because it goes just as well through the night if it the dog is not going well ....

who has pain, which goes dirty - I hope you're still mitihm zm tieerarzt driven Weil weekend before tüt stands.

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