Dog Biscuits bake ~ opinions on recipe :)

Hi So I would like to bake so Hundekekse and got 2 found with Bananen..nun hörn which is both very well but gemacht..wer completely different because experience has that recipe could be better?

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which recipe could be better?

banana Taler I've done for my dogs also. However, like the not every dog. Must you try it if your dog likes them. Otherwise recipes without banana choose.

neither oats nor wheat have lost something in the dogs stomach and with honey also nix ...

if you tell your dog to do something good going Darre him meat strips in the oven. beef or chicken for about 2-3 hours at a low temperature

You'd have to know both complete recipes.

Importantly, this is not a sugar case.

LG Pummlweib :-)

Which biscuit is good and what better decide primarily Your dog ... ^^ I know dogs that leave cookies fall disgusted and enjoy a branch above hard pellets! No kidding !!!

My dog is gebarft, in the coming no grain, instead of meat, skin, fat, fruits and vegetables.

Banana he liked as a puppy sometimes quite happy, now he can lie.

Personally, I find fresh, fat brisket in small cubes cut is the most practical Hundekeks - it saves even baking ... :)

Both are junk!

What is a dog with oatmeal or wheat semolina and banana and honey? Are dogs vegetarian and cereal eater?


So I always make very simple "biscuits"

2 carrot

100g flour (preferably whole grains)

1 egg

1 can of tuna (in the juice?

- Carrots grate, egg, flour, tuna to - knead.

put on a baking paper small blobs.

at 150 ° C for 20 min contact jaws after and again 10 min.


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