Dog bit. How should I behave?

Since my mother has a new boyfriend, the family behaves dog me gegeüber otherwise he was always very loving and prop. I was always his reference person, but whenever the friend as has ignored me, the dog, and also do not want me out go, they want to go out with this guy and he gives her too many treats and also people eating, I told people eat is prohibited and is skull (the are also times something like sweets), I also explained to him why it is harmful he did not listen to me and grinned at me stupid and made continuously, so when I on the toilet was my dog ​​has been tampered with my Schokomüsli when I saw that I have cursed and taken away the in the moment he bites in my hand (he has never bitten, was always calm never aggressive to anyone gegnüber) I do not know how to deal with it, it also does much it bleeds my hand is ice cold and I can not move freely. The moment I said before pain ouch he has let me and 'bulging eyes with large' sweet 'watched and let go and now he looks just sad. How should I do, it may be due to the friend? Otherwise he has never done! And never often never genurrt the teeth showed he was always very peaceful our dog.

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The important thing is that you've got a tetanus shot, otherwise the doctor immediately and let give you an injection. Otherwise there is a risk of tetanus !!! You write that you is the hand ice cold and difficult to move, that would be reason enough to go to the doctor. Your mother needs to talk about it with her boyfriend, that he compared to the family dog ​​humanely behaves because the trouble with the dog did indeed her if he is so warped.

Primarily it should be with all the excessively many treats stop & only those candy! It's best to try the friend of your mother in peace (when it is convenient) to talk about it. When rest I can not really help because I'm not an expert. Nevertheless, good luck & all the best.

Let examine you medically repays. I'm really sorry about your dog

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